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People all across the world were swept up in nostalgia when the first full length trailer for the live action retelling of 's 1991 animated classic Beauty and the Beast was released. It thundered out of the gate with 127.6 million views, within 24 hours shattering the previous record held by Fifty Shades Darker.

Watch the Beauty and the Beast trailer below:

The level of anticipation for this movie is incredibly high. Since the casting announcements, people have been dying to see one of the most beloved Disney animated classics re-imagined for live action. There's no question that this film will be a success at the . The only real question is, how successful?

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Can It Join The $200 Million Club?

Image - Disney
Image - Disney

On episode #257 of the Schmoes Know Show, Mark Ellis made a wager against his fellow co-host Kristian Harloff that Beauty in the Beast would easily make $200 million at the domestic box office opening weekend. Mr Harloff's response to this statement can only be described as a guffaw. Sure, Ellis is a stand-up comedian, known for his carefree attitude and bringing the 'yuks' — however, this idea isn't so crazy.

When you look at the numbers, only three films in history have ever joined the $200 million club: The Avengers (2012), Jurassic World (2015), and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). It's rarefied air for sure, but when you look at the latter two films something becomes clear: nostalgia pushed a lot of people into those theaters. People were dying to see these properties on screen again and they proved it with their wallets.

Box Office Factors

They are many factors when it comes to how much a certain film will make at the box office on opening weekend. The time of year has historically been a factor, but the impact of this is waning, as more blockbuster films open in the earlier months each year. Beauty in the Beast is opening in March, which is quickly becoming the month to launch big franchise films. In fairness, it could open in January — the garbage month for movies — and still crush it, because it's such a well-known Disney property.

Another factor is is competition — i.e., which movies open at the same time. This is where things get a bit dodgy. Beauty and the Beast is the only big-ticket film opening on March 17th; however, it will be competing with Kong: Skull Island which opens March 10th, and Logan which opens on March 3rd. The good news is that Beauty and the Beast has a different target demographic than Kong: Skull Island and Logan. The fact that the film is family friendly will definitely help the box office numbers.

The film has an amazing cast, which includes: , Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellan, Kevin Kline, and Stanley Tucci. Casting well-known actors is a very important factor when it comes to family films. Sure, children don't care so much who is voicing the characters in their favorite movies — but the kids don't buy the tickets, their parents do. Having recognizable actors portraying or voicing roles gives the film credibility — which is why most big budget animated features employ big name talent, instead of voice actors like they did in the past.

When you combine all the aforementioned factors, it becomes apparent that Beauty and the Beast has the potential to join the $200 club. The facts are all there: it has a huge fan-base, it generates a massive amount of nostalgia, Its opening in the middle of March with very little competition, and it has the credibility of having an amazing cast. Stamping the Disney logo on top of the whole package just makes it even more appealing. We'll have to wait until March 17, 2017 to see if Mark Ellis was right with his prediction, but until then you can watch the trailer again and again until your hearts content.

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