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Disney crushed it at the box office last year, with such successes as Zootopia, Moana, Captain America: Civil War, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Doctor Strange, and The Jungle Book. Time and again they've shown they know exactly what their fans want, and they continue to deliver. This year looks set to be more of the same from Disney, with the release of several huge tent-pole franchise films, one of which is the live action adaptation of the 1992 animated classic, Beauty and the Beast.

Disney is starting to ramp up the marketing campaign for , ahead of its March 7th release date. We expect to get more trailers, TV spots, and toys (lots and lots of toys). In fact, has already released images of one of the first toys from the film — and it's not what you would expect.

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Emma Watson's First Belle Doll

Belle Doll From Beauty and the Beast [Credit: Twitter]
Belle Doll From Beauty and the Beast [Credit: Twitter]

Here it is folks, in all its resplendent beauty! As you can clearly see, this is an attempt at making an Emma Watson doll — however, it has... err... failed to capture Watson's charm and beauty. When I first saw this image, I laughed far too much, but in my defense, it's hilarious. This doll is truly frightening, and there is just something about it that is far too eerie. The forehead is astoundingly disproportionate, and the head is also quite large.

All aesthetic criticism aside, the internet (being what it is) ate this image up, and a large number of comparisons came flying in, ranging from Nicolas Cage to Justin Bieber. This doll is much like a piece of abstract art, as no two people see the same thing. Disney has created an enigma that has vexed many — and none moreso than the good people of Twitter.

Justin Belle-iber

Tweets have been flying in left and right, commenting on how this doll more closely resembles Justin Bieber in a yellow dress and wig than the talented . Here are a few samples from the deep well of Justin Bieber tweets:

The last tweet begs the question that nobody wants to ask: Does Emma Watson look like Justin Bieber? This is no a valid and incisive line of enquiry, but the answer is no, this doll is just a terrible mistake. Which brings us to the next type of Twitter comment — people who were genuinely frightened.

Spooky and the Beast

As I stated before, this doll is a work of horror, the likes of which man has not seen in a long time. Along with the eerie proportions I mentioned earlier, the doll's eyes tend to find you anywhere in a room, like a nightmare Mona Lisa. Many good folks on Twitter shared this same sentiment, and they voiced their horror and dismay as follows:

We all love Emma Watson, but this nightmare doll-creature has to be stopped. Its very existence is an affront to Ms. Watson, and to her fans — well, not really, but it is super fucking creepy. Moving away from the spooktacular, our last group of tweets involve people claiming random celebrities look like this doll.

Literally Anyone and the Beast

As you can see above, Nicolas Cage was heavily favored in the celebrity lookalike category, but he was not alone. Among them were politicians, and strange mash-ups. The following tweets range from creative to downright mean:

The last tweet from Twitter user Whit O'Brien nailed the complexities of this frightening doll, with the triple combination of Lord Farquaad from Shrek, The Queen of Hearts from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, and God's gift to humanity Justin Bieber. It is also of note that there are tons of people who genuinely feel bad for Emma Watson, given that this is a shoddy representation of her likeness.

When all is said and done, Beauty and the Beast is going to be a hit. The buzz is already building and the film doesn't even come out for a few months — the first trailer alone broke records. The film's merchandise will also mint Disney a pretty penny — that is, if the rest of the products don't look anything like that creepy doll. Hopefully this was just a fluke, and they will make the necessary corrections to better represent the lovely Emma Watson. You'll have to wait until Beauty and the Beast comes to a theater near you on March 17th, 2017 — barring the Belle doll doesn't steal your soul.

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