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has kicked off her press tour for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, and she's front and center to talk about 's modern live-action take on the beloved tale. From a new Instagram account dedicated to her looks on the tour to plenty of interviews, she's probably already run out of different ways to say how much she loved playing Belle — but her enthusiasm is contagious anyway.

Because is such a children's classic, Entertainment Weekly rounded up a few kids who got the chance to ask Watson their most burning questions. After all, who hasn't wondered who would win in a fight between Harry Potter and Darth Vader?

Watch Emma Watson Answer The Cutest Questions

Audrey, 7, started with the smart question and asked Emma which books she loved as a kid — because "I love books and Belle loves books." Obviously, she cited Harry Potter, but she also grew up with children's book genius Roald Dahl.

"My dad used to read me a lot of Roald Dahl. He was one of my favorites. I used to really like The Twits, James and the Giant Peach, really anything Roald Dahl. My dad read me all of the Harry Potter books, but specifically up to 1, 2 and 3, so my idea of how all the characters sounded, and what all of their accents were, and what Hermione should be like was really from my dad. Those were very special to me."

The trickier question came from Maddie, 7, who wanted to know what the best thing was about Hermione Granger. And the answer might as well describe Belle!

"She's smart, she's always in on the action. She gets to do cool stuff. She's super strong and fierce."

'Beauty and the Beast' [Credit: Disney]
'Beauty and the Beast' [Credit: Disney]

Amira, 5, struggled to understand how someone like Belle would like the Beast — but Watson had the best explanation:

"The Beast at first was A, pretty scary, and B, pretty rude. So not very much at the beginning. But I could tell that he was grouchy and mean because he was really sad. I sort of knew that he was good underneath. Things got better."

The best question was probably from 5-year-old Jacob, who seemed like he'd been thinking a lot about who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Harry Potter. Not only did Watson know her pick right away, she also had a very good reason:

"Harry Potter, definitely! You're only gonna get so far in life when you're cold and dry and mean. You'll do fine, but you're not gonna win in the end."

Can we put that on a motivational poster somewhere?

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Hendrix, 9, didn't feel like talking about Belle so much, and wanted to know who Watson would pick if she could play a different character. Though I'd have said Mrs. Potts, it sounds like she's fallen for the Beast even in real life.

"This is difficult for me, because I love Belle. But I also do love Beast. And I love Beast because he's kind of this wounded person that is redeemed, and I think that's really beautiful. I really like Belle because she's someone that stays true to herself, even when everyone around her is telling her to think differently. She won't let anything break her, she is who she is."

And the last came from Riley and Addison, 20 months (not really): If you could have any guest over, who would you pick? Watson's choice was anything but surprising.

"Michelle Obama, just for a quick pep talk. That'd be great."

Until we get to see Watson's full performance in Beauty and the Beast, watch our montage of her voice with the original animation below — and click here for more original Movie Pilot video content.

Beauty and the Beast is set for release March 17.

Which question would you ask Emma Watson?


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