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Since we already know the plot of 's Beauty and the Beast by heart, there's no risk of spoiling the story — so the studio has showered us with clips and previews of the upcoming live-action adaptation, starring in the role of Belle and set for release on March 17. The new movie went with the safe option of staying true to the animated classic, though a few songs were tweaked here and there, so we're really just waiting to see exactly how similar both versions will turn out to be.

In this new clip of , Belle arrives at the village, greeted and slightly mocked by the villagers who think she's a "funny girl." There are a few lines missing (what about the baguettes?), but it's still incredibly close to the animation, and very Disney-like in the choreography.

Watch The New Clip From 'Beauty And The Beast'

Belle is the lovely outcast, inviting fascination and confusion, wandering around with her books and her day dreams when everyone else is hard at work. As for Watson's interpretation, I couldn't help but notice her highly expressive eyebrows dancing along with the music, as she hops and twirls through the streets — just like the animated Belle we know and love. She does look like a true Disney heroine!

If you can't wait 'til next month to see more of Beauty and the Beast, no need to worry: Disney has released plenty of behind-the-scenes featurettes. Watch the cast recounting their experience in the clip below:

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For the new songs, however, it looks like we'll have to be patient and wait for the release of the movie, in theaters March 17.

Are you looking forward to the live-action Beauty and the Beast? Or do you feel like Disney should leave the classics alone?


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