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There are many challenges facing the upcoming live-action — the film has to live up to the classic animated original, enchanting a new generation of viewers while cashing on that all-important nostalgia among young adults. So far, Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast has put all of us under its spell, beating out Fifty Shades of Grey to become the most-watched trailer on YouTube.

But there's someone very important missing from the trailer, and this person's absence speaks to a possibly insurmountable problem facing the film. Check out the trailer, side-by-side with footage from the original, and see if you can spot who's missing.

Everyone seems to be in attendance, from Belle's father to the adorable little Chip. But where's the Enchantress?

The True Villain Of The Piece

We all know this tale as old as time: An arrogant young prince is punished when he turns away a stranger in need, and is taught the error of his ways by a beautiful young woman, who sees his potential for good. That's a great story, and sends a fantastic message to any arrogant rapscallions in the audience. Except there's one problem — poor Adam was only 11 years old when he was cursed.

What the heck, Enchantress?? [Disney]
What the heck, Enchantress?? [Disney]

Here's the math: The Beast has until his 21st birthday to trick, sorry, find someone to love him. Later on in the movie, Lumiere says they've been cursed for 10 years.

Yep, that's right, Adam was just a kid on that fateful night, one who was probably taught not to let suspicious strangers into his home. Which makes the beautiful Enchantress from the film's prologue a pretty cold-hearted bint, if we're being honest. Sure, Adam was "spoiled and selfish", but weren't we all at 11 years old? Kids are little shits sometimes, but that doesn't mean you should turn them into some horrific minotaur/bear creature.

Oh, and not to mention the fact that the Enchantress — really, the most evil of all the Disney villains — also cursed Prince Adam's entire staff, who seem to be decent people. And his dog, too. What had they ever done to her?

Chip didn't deserve this. [Disney]
Chip didn't deserve this. [Disney]

Actually, better question: Where's the Enchantress' solo movie, a la Maleficent but without turning her into a martyr. Because we really want to know what the Enchantress' agenda is. Does she just go around the world cursing annoying children and everyone who knows them, just for good measure? In the words of this Tumblr user, "I want that filthy green bitch publicly exposed!"

Ok, But It's A Fairy Tale Though

As fun as it is to think about the Enchantress' strange vendetta against poor Adam, we have to admit that yeah, this is a fairy tale, and things rarely make sense. But there is a slight problem facing the live-action version: How are they going to get around the fact that Adam was only 11 when he was cursed? That hyper-realistic CGI is only going to hammer this point home.

Beast is the real victim in this story, if you think about it. [Disney]
Beast is the real victim in this story, if you think about it. [Disney]

It seems most likely that they'll just sweep this under the (talking) rug. It's not like this plot point is obvious — I've been watching this movie since I was a kid, and it took someone else pointing out the facts before I noticed something was off. Plus, if the 2017 Beauty and the Beast uses the stained glass window to tell the prologue, as in the original movie, then it's likely no-one will notice the age thing.

Of course, they could just take out Lumiere's line about 10 years passing since the curse. This casts Adam's age into doubt, and most people will assume that he was in his late teens at the time — still morally iffy, but if I could curse the teenage boys that pissed me off when I was younger, I probably would.

Or who knows: Maybe Disney will take this opportunity to change how we see the story, exposing the Enchantress for the child-cursing bitch she really is, and setting up her solo movie. Hey, I can dream!

Tell us in the comments: Do you think the Enchantress was right to curse young Adam?

"But mom told me never to talk to strangers." - Adam, probably.
"But mom told me never to talk to strangers." - Adam, probably.

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