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is such a popular movie among Disney's animated classics that remaking it in live-action was probably a no-brainer for the studio. Not only is Belle one of the most modern princesses of the bunch, there's truly nothing like the dinner scene, where plates dance and forks sing and a flirty talking chandelier orchestrates the whole thing.

Add to that the wonders of modern-day CGI, and the new Beauty and the Beast, which is set for release on March 17, promises to be a treat for fans everywhere. It comes as no surprise, then, that the movie is anticipated as one of the year's biggest box office successes: If every person with fond memories of the 1991 movie takes their friends and their children to see the new version, it's a guaranteed win!

Could 'Beauty And The Beast' Make A $120 Million Debut At The Box Office?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, early tracking predicts a $120 million domestic opening for Beauty and the Beast — though Disney is being cautious and prefers to minimize that number to $100 million. Even then, it'd be a fantastic start for the live-action remake.

The record for biggest March opening goes to Warner's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opened at $166.1 million (though it plummeted afterwards). As far as Disney movies go, the live-action Alice in Wonderland holds the current record at $116.1 million, and considering the current buzz around Beauty and the Beast, I'd say it's in a good position to beat that record.

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Stars and Dan Stevens, who play Belle and the Beast, have been front and center promoting the movie, with Watson giving countless interviews and even starting an Instagram account dedicated to her outfits on the press tour. With the return of Céline Dion on the soundtrack and the addition of Ariana Grande and John Legend, there's no doubt everyone's going to want to sing along. The only question still hanging in the air is whether the movie will be good enough to get the first viewers to recommend it to others.


Will you go see 'Beauty and the Beast' as soon as it's released?

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