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has had no small feet turning a beloved classic animated film into a live-action one that audiences new and old will enjoy. From a CGI Beast and servants who look a little different from their animated counterparts, to changing the original story ever so slightly, they are clearly trying to keep it fresh while still pleasing those who love the original so much.

The final trailer has been released, and proves once again that Disney knows what they are doing with amazing visuals as well as enchanting imagery that would sweep any fan off their feet.

This Movie Will Be All We'd Hoped For

As a fan of the original, this trailer is everything that I would hope it could be, with amazing visuals, familiar faces, and reminding us why the story has had us under its spell for almost 30 years. With such an enchanting cast with as Belle, as the Beast/Prince, and other remarkable talent including Emma Thompson and Sir Ian McKellan, there is no shortage of stars in this film.

With new songs added to the film, as well as a run-time that is even longer than the original, we can be sure that the film will quickly become another instant classic and "tale as old as time."

Beauty and the Beast is in theaters March 17th.

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