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With the live-action adaptation of heading into cinemas soon, we found just another excuse to watch the animated classic over and over again. From Belle's wits that distinguish her so well from other princesses to the talking furniture, the 1991 version is truly a masterpiece, and we can't wait to see the characters come to life on the big screen.

Though Belle and her Beast are very lovely indeed, there's one character in particular we should be thanking for the success of 's Oscar-winning movie: Gaston, the village beau who knows all too well there's really nothing like loving yourself. He might end up being the villain of the story, but there's a charm to him that we wouldn't even attribute to his bulging biceps. He's just stupidly funny.

Watch Our Compilation Of The Best Gaston Moments In 'Beauty And The Beast'

Mixing old and new, we've edited the best lines spoken by Gaston in Beauty and the Beast (but we couldn't really bear to include his final scene). Watching the animated footage and the live-action scenes side by side goes to show how well fits into Gaston's shoes, so we can only hope he too will be licking his tooth when the new movie rolls around.

He might be as thick as his neck, but let's be honest, Gaston could teach a thing or two to the Beast when it comes to accepting yourself, just the way you are. Just don't start thinking too much, or things might start to get out of control.

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