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The live action is now one of the most hotly anticipated films of early-2107, with millions flocking to watch the touching trailer and catch their first glimpse of a live action Belle (Emma Watson) and Beast (Dan Stevens) as they fall in love despite an evil curse.

Along with the trailers, have been slowly releasing more and more images and teasers to get Disney fans suitably excited for the film, and now a brand new piece of marketing for the film gives us our first look at the servants of the castle in their humans forms!

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The looks comes via a theater standee for the film (those big cardboard props that sit outside movie theaters to promote films), and is divided into two sides: Belle's and the Beasts.

On Belle's side we have all the usual human character including her father Maurice (Kevin Kline), Le Fou (Josh Gad) and Gaston (Luke Evans), meanwhile on the Beast's side we can also see the human versions of Mrs Potts (Emma Thompson), Cogsworth (Ian McKellen), Lumiere (Ewan McGregor), Cadenza (Stanley Tucci), Garderobe (Audra McDonald) and Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). In addition we can spy all the servants in their furniture forms on the stairs in the middle, including a candle stick holder, clock, teapot and cup.

Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Lumiere and Plumette [Walt Disney Studios]
Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Lumiere and Plumette [Walt Disney Studios]

While we're probably not going to see the servants in their human form for much of the film, given that they're played by such iconic and talented actors it's wonderful to get at least a glimpse of them in all their glory before the release of the film.

Beauty and the Beast hits cinemas on March 23, 2017.


What do you think of the servants in human form?

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