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made quite literally all the money last year at the box office — but when Beauty And The Beast is done, you might need a Lumière of your own to navigate the vast bank vault where all of its riches will be stored. Early projections from people who know about these things suggest that this new, live-action take on the animated classic could bring home even more dollar than Finding Dory.

Chory swam across the $1bn mark at the end of 2016, making a fairly insane $486m in the US alone in addition to $542m in international markets. Globally, it came up for air with $1.03bn, which is quite a lot of money, even by Disney standards.h

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You might imagine that , a faithful adaptation of a movie pretty much everybody has seen more than once in their lives, would struggle to top that. Advanced ticket sales figures released by Fandango, though, suggest it's tracking ahead of Dory and actually closer to Captain America: Civil War, which ultimately made $408m in the US and $1.15bn globally.

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Official projections right now show Beast making an entirely beautiful $144m in its opening weekend stateside, and a US total of $470m. That's based on how much it's blowing up social media over the last few weeks. A lot can change between now and March, but short of Emma Watson declaring her support for Trump, you'd bet your house on this movie becoming yet another outrageously big smash hit.

So, what's the moral of the story? Go get a job at Disney, and pray they're generous with their Christmas bonuses.

Beauty And The Beast arrives in theaters March 17. Could it be Disney's greatest live-action Princess movie?

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