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Disney fans have been waiting for months to get a proper look at all the different characters that we will be meeting in the upcoming remake. While we have gotten our fair share of images of the cast in their enchanted forms, we really haven't gotten any proper images of the cast in their human forms. Now, fans can rejoice as Disney has released a character poster for each main character in this "tale as old as time."

Let's take a look.

The Beast (Dan Stevens)

While I have seen some fans take issue with the Beast's look, I think they did a fine job. Giving him a softer tone is probably best, as he still looks very realistic and that may scare younger audiences. I love the intricacy on his jacket, and his soft eyes here.

Belle (Emma Watson)

I cannot say enough good things about as Belle. She is, in my eyes, the perfect casting of the animated character brought to life. Her dress is simple, yet elegant, and I love the addition of a rose here, representing not only the Enchanted Rose, but her growth with the Beast.

Cadenza (Stanley Tucci)

I find this one interesting. is always an amazing actor, especially with the eccentric types (Remember The Hunger Games?). I am interested in seeing what he does with the new role, Cadenza. It's cool that they also show the household objects that match each cursed character, as well. Love the Beethoven hair, as well —wouldn't expect anything else from a composer, though hopefully he isn't evil like Forte (the original court composer) was in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.

Cogsworth (Sir Ian McKellen)

I love his rosy cheeks here in the picture, it shows a more playful side to both and Cogsworth that we don't get to see very often. Behind that rough exterior, there really is a good guy.

Lumiere (Ewan McGregor)

looks a little serious in this photo for the fun-loving Lumiere, but perhaps they are going for a slightly more serious tone with him. He does still have a bit of suave smarminess twinkling in his eye, and I appreciate that little touch of his sleeves looking like the candle wicks.

Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson)

as Mrs. Potts looks great here. Her outfit's design very much emulates the one that is on her teapot, and the fact that she is holding a chipped cup makes me smile as it is so iconic to the story. It is nice to note that she is also wearing a wedding ring, as she is a Mrs. Perhaps we will find out what happened to her husband?

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Gaston (Luke Evans)

Really playing up his charm with Gaston's little side smirk is here. The red jacket is reminiscent of the one that he wears when he asks Belle to marry him, and his hair has that perfect coif to it. You can certainly see why the ladies of the town love him.

LeFou (Josh Gad)

has always been a Disney fan, and it is clear that he is having the time of his life here. His smile is wide, and his stature and happy-go-lucky face proves to us that he is more than up for the role of Gaston's wacky and lovable sidekick LeFou.

Maurice (Kevin Kline)

looks a little more refined than the original version of Belle's father, Maurice, who always seemed to be dressed more like a mad scientist than anything else. Perhaps he is more of a gentleman in this version? I love the touch of the paintbrush, which nods at his work on music boxes for his daughter.

Garderobe (Audra McDonald)

looks lovely here, with over-the-top Baroque wig and a big smile on her face. It is nice to see a bit of the garderobe in the background for the first time, as that is an object that we have yet to see. McDonald is a six-time Tony Award winning actress, with an incredible voice (she played Mother Superior in NBC's version of The Sound of Music) and I hope that she will be included in some of the singing in the movie.

Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)

Doctor Who fans will recognize this lovely girl as Tish Jones, sister to Martha Jones. While Plumette didn't have a large role in the original film, she was always a joy to watch with her cute little moments flirting with Lumiere, and it should be interesting to see the dynamic that brings to the relationship with Ewan McGregor.

And last but not least...our first character poster for Dan Stevens in his human Prince form.

The Prince (Dan Stevens)

I want to love 's look as The Prince (I guess we still aren't giving him a name huh?). I know that for the time period in which this film is set, the Rococo hairstyle is fitting. While Dan is a very handsome man, I have to say that I don't like his human form. I find that his hair looks odd to me; perhaps if it lost the curls I would like it a little bit better. It reminds me of something that Glen Keane, original artist for the Beast, has said in that past, that they made his human form to look a little off so that audiences would kind of wish for the Beast back:

I wish he could have stayed the Beast. In fact, I did have us record a line at the end of the movie where Beast and Belle, the prince – who knows what his name is. I mean you know his name was Beast – were dancing. And I knew that the audience was going to be disappointed that here was – what happened to our Beast?

So I had them record Belle saying, 'do you think you could grow a beard?' See? You’re laughing. It was a good idea. It’s not in the movie. We should have put it in there. Yes.

Though he doesn't look like a "beast" by the end, he definitely has his own charms.

Be sure to see Beauty and the Beast when it arrives in theaters March 17th.


Which is your favorite character poster?


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