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Beauty and the Beast is a film well-known and much loved by '90s kids and fans alike, and with a tagline of "A tale as old as time" it isn't hard to tell why. With the live-action remake, however, can they match the classic Disney tone, while making the film its own? The first official full-length trailer was released today and let's just say that...yes. Yes, they can. If you haven't already watched it 50 times by now, check it out below:

But, as with all trailers, I'm sure you're bound to have missed some key moments. Let's break it down.

Family Strife

The trailer starts off with the same soft melody that played during the teaser trailer greeting our ears. The Beast (played by Dan Stevens) is in shadow, and we catch a glimpse of the portrait of his prehuman form. It should also be noted that while the mother on his right side is clear, what appears to be his father is even more torn up than the Prince. Perhaps something happened once he was transformed and in this version his father is to blame?

Taking Cues From Other Sources

We already know that Belle, and not her father, is actually the inventor in this version. Now it appears that they have changed what he is doing at the castle, as well. In the original story, Belle asks her father for a rose to bring back to her from his travels, and it appears as though he is trying to take one from The Beast's garden before he is pulled away by the Beast.

A Living Cartoon

Belle (Emma Watson) ends up searching for her father, Maurice (Kevin Kline), and in a scene straight from the original animated film, Maurice tries to warn her to leave the castle as the place is alive. With clasped hands, hearing the Beast ask her if she will stay, it looks as though the cartoon is brought to life as she stands up to the master of the castle and asks him to come into the light.

The look of horror on her face as well as the resigned look on his, but humanity still in his eyes, is very reminiscent of the original tale. From start to finish, it's as if they're bringing the original animated version to life, as you can tell from our side-by-side comparison of the first teaser trailer and the original animated one:

They continue to not miss a nostalgic beat.

Be Our Guest

Many familiar faces join the journey as well, though looking very different from their cartoon counterparts. Lumiere is definitely more flexible and seems just as lively, voiced impeccably by Ewan McGregor. The friendly household objects try to convince both Belle and the Beast that they are right for each other, in true perfect Disney sidekick fashion. The design of the characters is very elegant, and honestly one of my favorite parts of the trailer.

A Villain Worth Fighting

Both Gaston and Lefou (Josh Gad) make an appearance, and you can see how the town would follow Gaston, played by Luke Evans. He is handsome, clearly charismatic, and has the strength and gumption to take on a "beast". In any other fairy tale he would have our hearts swooning! But the anger that he incites, the straight fury that burns through the trailer, shows us that he was not a man to be trifled with and that maybe he had a bit of a short fuse - definitely not the hero that some people speculated he was in the animated version. Just fyi, ladies, that is never a good sign!

Tale As Old As Time

The trailer as a whole is whirlwind of magic, fantasy, and love. From the wolf attack, to the library scene, to the mere glimpses of the ballroom scene that is so iconic, the creators of this version seem to know exactly how to keep things fresh while bringing us into a story that is familiar as an old friend.

With enough breathtaking action scenes melded into those quiet moments that we learned to appreciate from the original, it is clear that this film was made by people who loved the source just as much as we do. It truly brings the classic Disney magic to a new age, with new faces and new actors that we can grow to love. The only thing missing were the musical numbers, but they had to leave us a little something to look forward to, right?

For anyone who may have doubts about this film, look no further than this trailer. It really does take you on a journey, and there is little doubt in my mind that I will love this film as much as I did the original.

waltzes into theaters March 17, 2017.

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