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With the release date for Beauty and the Beast rushing closer and closer, fans finally got a proper look at the live-action adaption earlier this week when the full-length trailer was released.

Immediately long-time fans were transported back to childhood as all our favorite characters returned to our screen, this time more life-like than ever before. In fact the trailer was so reminiscent of the 1991 animated film that Movie Pilot couldn't help but make a comparison video, showing just how similar the upcoming version looks to original. Check it out:

The similarities are eerie, right? Let's take a closer look at all of the best bits:

The castles

The two castles of Beauty and the Beast [Disney]
The two castles of Beauty and the Beast [Disney]

Disney managed to bring its iconic castle and shooting star intro to life as well as act as the Beast's resident all in one in the new movie.

Belle's entrance

Belle's entrance and first look at the Beast's vast castle (and all the enchanted furniture inside!) looks almost exactly the same, though that plush red carpet from the animated film is notably missing!

Belle meeting the Beast

Belle meets the Beast
Belle meets the Beast

It looks like Belle meets the Beast in the exact same manner as in the first movie, and we even get to see Lumiere counseling his master as well.

Belle meeting the enchanted furniture

Belle meets the enchanted furniture
Belle meets the enchanted furniture

Though admittedly, Belle does seem to be a tad more shocked in the live-action version than she did in the animated version!

See Also:

Belle is saved by the Beast

It looks like the scary wolf scene from the film will also be included in the new film. The scene was an important moment in the original, as it later prompted the pair to bond as she nursed his wounds and he showed her his library.

Gaston and the villagers

The goofy looking villagers have been brought to life, with the mob scenes involving the township and Gaston exactly as fans of the animated version will remember them.

The iconic yellow dress

Belle in her yellow gown dancing with the Beast
Belle in her yellow gown dancing with the Beast

Though we knew from promo pictures that Emma Watson's Belle would wear the iconic yellow ballgown, it was something else to see these iconic scenes briefly feature in the trailer.

The last rose petal drops

The rose
The rose

A scene from the very end of the film remains unchanged in the live-action film, the last rose petal falling to the stem symbolizes the last chance the Beast has of ever breaking the spell over his castle and returning himself and his staff to human form.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 23


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