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There's still a long way to go until March and the release of 's live-action adaptation of , but thankfully we were gifted today with the release of the first full . With an absolutely radiant as our beloved Belle and a truly impressive as the Beast, this new take on the tale as old as time looks nothing short of promising.

What's particularly touching about this new adaptation is how much it honors the animated movie we all fondly remember from 1991, with its singing silverware and entrancing spell. If you look closely, there are plenty of shots that make it seem like the Disney classic came to life, so we've put together a side-by-side of the old version and the new. And even though it's not in the trailer, we can only hope the dinner scene will be as grandiose.

Belle's Arrival In The Castle

The creaky door, the seemingly empty castle? It's all there.

Belle's Dad, Maurice

The old man with a heart of gold has been perfectly cast.

The Beast Shows Belle The Library

What would Belle be without her love of books? Her sense of wonder at the sight of the Beast's incomparable library hasn't changed a bit.

Gaston Is As Smug As Always

Beauty and the Beast would be nothing without the amazingly ridiculous Gaston and his smug, self-entitled attitude.

The Villagers Are Angry

A jealous Gaston leads the villagers against the Beast.

Lumière And Cogsworth Are Charming

However, they might be lacking a bit of goofiness compared to the animated version.

Mrs. Potts Has A Fancy New Look

Clearly the live-action version takes itself a bit more seriously.

The Beast Gets Hurt In The Snow

Nothing will make up for your grumpy demeanor like saving a damsel in distress from a pack of wolves.

The Beauty And The Beast Come Down The Stairs

One of the most magical moments of Beauty and the Beast is definitely the ballroom scene — and the spark between the two has already ignited as soon as they both appear on the staircase.

The Ballroom Dance

Though she's not sporting any gloves, Emma Watson's Belle is a perfect homage to the Disney princess.


Are you glad the new 'Beauty and the Beast' is staying close to Disney's animated classic?


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