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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Everyone knows that things are cuter in miniature — and Belle and the Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast are no exception. Melting our hearts with their adorable costumes, faces and shy questions, mini-Belle Olivia and mini-Beast Ted got to meet their Disney heroes, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens and ask them some questions and the reaction of the stars is priceless.

[Credit Youtube @DisneyUK]
[Credit Youtube @DisneyUK]

'Playing Belle Was My Childhood Dream Come True!'

[Credit Youtube @DisneyUK]
[Credit Youtube @DisneyUK]

Upon entering the room and being completely gushed over by Emma and Dan, mini-me's Ted and Olivia took their seats in the interviewers chairs opposite the stars. Things got off to a hilarious start after Dan asked Olivia where she got her beautiful Belle dress from and she gesticulated to those nobodies behind the camera and replied, like a true princess:

"I don't know, they gave it to me!"

After they'd finished laughing, Olivia then asked Emma what it was like playing Belle in the movie and Emma responded that like a real fairytale, it was a childhood dream come true:

"It was like my childhood dream come true. She [Belle] was one of my absolute favorites and I watched the film a million times, over and over again as a child, so to get to wear the dress and sing the songs was just amazing."

If They Had The Chance, Emma & Dan Would Love To Swap Their Roles!

[Credit Youtube @DisneyUK]
[Credit Youtube @DisneyUK]

After mini-Beast Ted asked both Emma and Dan who they'd play if they both had to take on the role of another character in the movie, without skipping a beat both of them answered with each others roles — Dan saying he'd play Belle, and Emma saying she'd play the Beast.

Dan in particular seemed very enamored with mini-Belle Olivia's dress saying that the combination of her yellow ball gown with her boots was very in-line with Emma's on-screen version of Belle stating:

"It’s a mixture of beautiful princess dress but with very cool practical boots, it’s very on point."

Singing In The Movie Made Emma & Dan Incredibly Nervous

After Olivia asked whether acting or singing in Beauty and the Beast made them feel more nervous, Emma & Dan answered without hesitation that the singing element of the movie was definitely more terrifying with Emma saying:

"It was the first time Dan and I had ever done that in a film before so I think we were both quite nervous."

Well, we couldn't tell guys!


Who wore Belle's yellow gown best, Emma or Olivia?


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