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All the great content you find here on Moviepilot is produced either by our in-house team of writers, or by our worldwide network of selected bloggers and passionate film fans.

Our contributors are the most dedicated movie bloggers on the web, always offering our readers quality content. We’re cutting through the noise of social media and promoting the most passionate pieces from fans.

  • You’re an enthusiastic blogger/writer with a movie presence online.

  • You’re opinionated about what you like, you live to share and your personality comes through in your work.

  • You’re a true expert in certain genres, movies and stars

We're building a new kind of content platform and we're looking to empower the best movie commentators in the world.

  • Moviepilot offers millions of readers per month to its authors

  • We publish the best articles on our Facebook Pages daily, reaching more than 11 million fans in the US alone

  • We offer an audience for every contributor hoping to establish his or her voice in a vibrant community of knowledgeable and passionate fans

  • You'll always receive full credit for your work and our editorial team will provide feedback whenever needed

  • Your posts will still be gaining readership months after publication

  • Our readership is at the forefront of the movie going public with the most passionate movie fans in the business

  • We have over 2,000 movies and TV shows and you're invited to write about whichever you choose


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