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The Becoming gang here at Movie Pilot are nothing if not dedicated to the cause of impersonating some of the most iconic characters from comic books, anime and nerd culture. And while the results are always impressive, it's fair to say this week's cosplayer has truly raised the bar.

Dragon Ball Z fans, this one's for you.

Piccolo first appeared in Chapter 168 of the first-run Dragon Ball manga way back in 1988. Over thirty years, the presumed demon and former nemesis of Son Goku has transformed from one of the universe's ultimate villains to an ally of Goku and mentor to Gohan in the martial arts.

Just in case you need a reminder, here's Piccolo's iconic look from the anime...

You know the deal — Piccolo is all about the green skin, dual antennae, pointed ears, and the pink biceps and forearms.

Cosplayer Ernesto Garcia, who also goes by the name Sonic Spiderman, hooked up with make-up/special effects artists Amber Talarico and Kenneth Alexander to transform into Piccolo for Movie Pilot's series.

Here's what he looked like once he and the team were done.

That's how you do it.

Garcia is a South Cali-based Spidey superfan whose previous cosplays have included Charizard and Candela. He's currently studying toward a Psychology degree, but it's pretty clear that this guy isn't going to be giving up on stepping into the skin of his favorite comic book characters any time soon.

For more incredible transformations, tune in to the Instagram story live on @SuperNewsLive and on every Thursday from 1PM PT, where no cosplay is off-limits and peak awesome is frequently achieved.

What's your favorite Dragon Ball cosplay?


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