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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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In just over a week, we'll finally be able to feast our hungry eyes on the incredibly anticipated Scarlett Johansson live action anime remake of — and we couldn't be more pumped.

To celebrate its imminent release, Movie Pilot enlisted the incredibly talented Kenneth Alexander to transform a professional cosplayer, in this case the masterful Hendo Art, into a Cyborg as inspired by ScarJo's role, The Major, from Ghost in the Shell. Hold on to your robot body suits, things are about to get all kinds of cyber.

Here's Hendo Art Before Her Epic Cyborg Transformation:

Showing us that even professional cosplayers can dress down on occasion, Hendo Art looks certifiably un-robotic in real life.

But just wait until you've seen her after she was transformed into The Major with Kenneth's magical makeup skills.

Here She is During The Transformation Process:

...And Here She Is After Becoming 'The Major:'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

Donning an impressive skin-tight, metallic colored suit and cropped purple wig, Kenneth focused on transforming Hendo Art's face into making it appear that beneath her layer of human skin lies a high-functioning robotic machine.

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The Devil Is In The Details:

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

Aside from using his masterful makeup skills to transform Hendo Art's face, our makeup maestro also paid close attention to the smaller details. Notice how the lower right side of Hendo Art's lip is partially blended in silver, and how her eyes are different colors to reflect the machine lurking within.

Hendo Art Has Been Creating Cosplay Costumes For Over Two Years

[Credit: Moviepilot]
[Credit: Moviepilot]

....and her impressive bio reveals that she is fueled by a rather strange diet:

Hendo Art is a So-Cal cosplayer who has been crafting costumes for over two years. She is especially fond of foam armor builds and Spider-Verse suits. Comics and video games are her greatest loves, but there's a pocket in her heart for every fandom. She is fueled by contact cement, worbla, acrylic paint, patience, and Dr. Pepper.

To see more of Kenneth Alexander's work check out his Instagram account here.

For more incredible transformations, tune in to the Instastory live on @SuperNewsLive and on every Thursday from 1PM PT, where true fans shapeshift into your favorite TV/movie characters.

Would you rather transform into a ghost or into a shell?


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