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When the rumors first started percolating that a Beetlejuice 2 was in the works, once those of us born in the 80s moved through the requisite five stages of grief that happens every time we find out a beloved, classic film is getting a way-late remake or sequel, we started to come 'round to the idea, particularly after we learned original director was not only on board, but down to direct.

That left one major question mark for fans: Would be reprising his role as the sarcastic, lecherous ghost with the most? According to TMZ (so take the following with a grain of salt), when asked about whether or not he was involved with the Beetlejuice sequel, Keaton simply responded with, "Yes."

So, not exactly a solid, "Yes, I am reprising the role of Beetlejuice," but still, we know he'll at least be a part of it in some capacity. It's nice to see Keaton, who has been rather off the radar for the past few years, hopping back on the horse. With a slew of movies slated to screen next year, including the RoboCop remake, the actor appears to be back in the game, which can only be good news for us.

In the meantime, let's watch the infamous, zany wedding scene from the original film:


Frankly, I'm less worried about Keaton's involvement than I am about whether or not Burton still has it. Doing a Beetlejuice 2 justice would go a long way in erasing the bad taste of his last few films from long-time fans' mouths.

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