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Whether it's waiting tables or parking cars, most celebrities struggled to make ends meet before opportunity knocked. Like most of us, they shared expenses to make their meager paychecks stretch. Their careers took off in different directions, but these celebrity roommates, at one time, were on even ground with one another. Even so, some of the earliest days of now-famous celebs made for some incredibly strange bedfellows. Here are some of the craziest before-they-were-stars roommate pairings in Hollywood.

Robert Pattinson and Dustin Diamond

Credit: Summit/NBC
Credit: Summit/NBC

Before he got his breakout role as good-looking vegetarian vampire, Edward Cullen, in the massively successful Twilight Saga, was just another struggling actor living in Los Angeles. While looking for his big break, the man who will forever be synonymous with the sparkling undead lived in the Oakwood apartment complex, which is where a lot of up-and-coming actors live while seeking fame and fortune.

And like most actors who are trying to keep utilities on, Pattinson had a roommate, one who is now infamous rather than famous—. The name should sound familiar as it belongs to the actor who portrayed Screech on Saved by the Bell. But now he's known more for racists rants and for an assault-related stint in jail. If the thought makes you cringe, it didn't seem to bother Pattinson, who told Ryan Seacrest that he loved living with the disgraced actor:

“When I met you, I was still living in the Oakwoods apartments, with Screech, with Dustin Diamond I loved it. I really miss it.”

Michael Douglas and Danny Devito

Credit: Marvel/FX
Credit: Marvel/FX

Along with starring together in Romancing the Stone, and Danny Devito split rent while they were in acting school in New York City in 1968. They roomed together at 338 West 89th Street in Manhattan where the rent was $75 each per month, which was considered expensive back in the '60s.

Douglas had no complaints about sharing quarters with as he told Robin Millin's Blog Talk Radio that his former roommate and friend was neat.

"He was neat. That's not very good for his image! But he was neat, and he was in love with [future wife] Rhea [Perlman]."

The two actors have sustained a friendship that has lasted over four decades and have worked together in several films, including War of the Roses and the sequel to Romancing the Stone, Jewel of the Nile.

Jason Priestley and Brad Pitt

Credit: Fox/Via: Glory Days
Credit: Fox/Via: Glory Days

Though he is able to afford a mansion on his own now, back in 1987, shared an apartment and a friendship with Beverly Hills 90210's Jason Priestley. The pair had a unique way of bonding as, in his memoir, which released in 2014, Priestley revealed that he and Pitt would have hygiene wars:

"Just for fun, we used to have competitions over who could go the longest without showering and shaving. Brad always won. Having to go on an audition meant cleaning up, which is what usually put an end to the streak."

After their careers took off, the actors lost touch, and said it was sad to lose the friendships he made while he was a struggling actor:

“Our careers went in such different directions that we sort of lost touch with each other. Brad went off and was making movies all over the world, and I was sort of stuck in one place making a TV show, and it was back in the days before computers.

It kind of tore apart our whole group of friends that we had. The fact that the two of us went off and got strangely famous — we had a pretty good group of friends and all of a sudden we all sort of dissipated, and it was sad.”

Raven-Symone and Lindsay Lohan

Credit: ABC/Via: John Bishop
Credit: ABC/Via: John Bishop

That's So Raven star, and met during a fashion shoot, and, according to Symone, the pair clicked. It was Symone's suggestion that they room together, although Lohan technically never fully moved in.

"She was real real cool actually. She became real busy with work, and she never really moved in I just got rent from her for 14 months. Pretty cool roommate. Great shoes! She left all her shoes in the house, she like dropped off all of her clothes. I was, man! I'm a good roommate because I would have worn them."

Some roommate situations can be bad news, but these eight celebrities were fortunate enough to find the right roommate at the right time.

Which of these roommates surprised you the most?

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