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As the live-action adaptation of Beauty and The Beast etches closer and closer, we continue to be enveloped in all those warm and fuzzy feelings of Disney nostalgia. Yet, as we prepare to set our sights on the beautiful Emma Watson as our lovely leading lady, it's also an important time to cast a glance back at the original animation released in 1991.

Starring Paige O'Hara as the voice of Belle, the stunning musical remains one of the most beloved productions to come out of the House of Mouse:

Indeed, even after a solid quarter of a century since we first laid eyes on the story of a young girl who falls in love with an unrefined monster, our adoration of Beauty and The Beast has not faltered.

That's why when Paige O'Hara and Richard White (who voiced Belle and the villainous Gaston in the original animation) participated in a Reddit AMA recently, Disney fans all over the world exploded with excitement. Here are 9 things about the 1991 production that we learnt:

1. Both of them remain totally satisfied with how their parts turned out

Both Paige and Richard worked on the movie for over two and a half years (full production took four!), over which time they worked relentlessly to perfect their parts.

Although they actually managed to record the entire movie in a day, most of the time was spent changing and re-editing lines to suit the animator's wishes.

2. Our real-life Belle and Gaston also recalled their favorite lines

For Paige, it was:

"Flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep."

Richard went for the most Gaston line of all though:

"Gaston, you're positively primeval."

3. Gaston wants to be turned into a portrait of himself

When asked the question of which object he would want to be turned into, Richard gave the best answer we could have ever imagined:

"Obviously, a portrait of Gaston."

Well, obviously!

4. For Paige, Emma Watson is the perfect choice for Belle

And we couldn't agree more.

See more:

5. Richard absolutely loved playing a villain

On playing the bad guy, the actor said:

"Yes indeed! The villain is often the most interesting character in a story. They have an agenda and they go to great lengths to achieve it. Gaston is also a wonderfully comedic character. I have a ball doing him!"

Bonus trivia: Unlike the five dozen eggs that Gaston eats (yes, that's right — 60 eggs!), Richard only eats two whites on dry toast. How conservative.

6. Did Gaston really die?

According to Richard White, this is all pure speculation. This is what he said:

"Who said he died??! Did you ever see a body? I feel certain that he simply bumped his head and will be resurfacing in a spinoff at a theatre near you sometime soon."

Yes but Disney, what about those skulls and crossbones in eyes as he falls off the precipice?

7. Belle reveals her book list

If you've ever wondered what books Belle reads, Paige thinks she has the answer for you. When it comes to novels, histories or biographies, the actress admitted:

"Belle would have all of them. She loved adventure novels, especially ones she could escape into and imagine herself as a part of them. Belle's favorite play is Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet."

O'Hara also revealed that her own favorite book was Harper Lee's masterful To Kill A Mockingbird.

8. That theory about Belle suffering from Stockholm Syndrome might be true, apparently

When asked whether the theory that Belle was merely suffering from Stockholm Syndrome might be true, Richard totally backed it up. The psychological phenomenon occurs when hostages begin to express empathy and sympathy towards their captors. The actor joked:

"That was just a theory? How else could you explain not falling for Gaston?!"

9. If she could voice anyone else, O'Hara would bring to life this tragic character

Yep, Bambi's poor mother. *Sob*

And with regards to whether they will be making an appearance in the upcoming, live-action Beauty and The Beast, the AMA yielded no reply. Watch this space and of course, have another peek at the trailer in the meantime:


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