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Kristen Stewart has revealed she is totes comfortable with getting her kit off a in a new behind the scenes video for her perfume campaign for Rosabotanica.

Kristen Stewart seems totally comfortable in her own skin

The video shows how the Camp X-Ray star was skilfully adorned with delicate 3D flowers and vines to create the spellbinding final look.

Although only had a few minuscule blossoms and wispy stems to protect her modesty, she seemed totally chilled out on the shoot and even gave us a rare glimpse of her pearly whites.

Kristen Stewart slips us her elusive smile

Stewart was clearly as impressed with her look as the French fashion house, Balenciaga. The star seemed to empathise with her character and, enjoyed being laid bare for the experience. Stewart said;

What I like about this is that I didn't have to turn into a different person. The point was to capture something natural. If you feel like you're forcing something, or trying to get the shot, suddenly, it's not fun anymore

You can feast your eyes on the full video below:


God, I love it when Stewart whips her sunshine smile out of the closet. I can't help but feel like I am snatching a privileged glimpse of the timid unicorn of celebrity grins. Don't smile more Kristen, lets keep it as a special treat!

(Source: The Daily Mail)

(Images: The Daily Mail via Balenciaga )


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