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Thor: Ragnarok hasn't wrapped just yet, but Skurge is already scurrying out the door. Karl Urban, the actor playing the Norse villain, recently took to Twitter to thank the cast and crew for his time on set.

That's a nice blurry filter you got there, Mr. Urban! You're probably dying to know what exactly director Taika Waititi is watching on his laptop: Is it a trailer for Ragnarok? Are we getting part two of that amazing Thor-on-hiatus sitcom?

Thankfully, eagle-eyed Marvel fans are here to dissect anything that might give us more information about the MCU's next movies, such as Redditor 00283466 who did the zooming-in for us.

Now, your first thought might be that the lady on the right is Sif, the Asgardian played by Jamie Alexander, but could it... could it be Captain Marvel talking to a mysterious bearded man?

After all, Larson's Carol Danvers isn't scheduled to get her own movie until 2019, but she's fully capable of space travel, so it wouldn't be impossible for her to get involved with the Norse people. Similarly to the current events of Civil War in the comic books, she might also step in on Earth if stuff's getting a little out of control. And it does look like Thor & co. are making a bit of a mess.

It's a crazy theory, but nothing's impossible in the Marvel universe.


Do you think it could be Captain Marvel in this scene of 'Thor: Ragnarok'?


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