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It's only a little more than two more months until Game of Thrones returns for its third season. If you're a fan like me, then the excitement must be starting to percolate, especially if you've read the book. Season 3 will be based on the first half of George R. R. Martin's third book, A Storm of Swords, and anyone whose read that will know that this season must surely be the most outrageous and amazing yet.

In the run to the season premiere, HBO will be releasing a series of behind the scenes video blogs which show how Westeros is brought to life for the small screen. This week we see how the complex and continent-hopping story of the Game of Thrones books is adapted for ten one hour long television episodes. Check it out below:

(via Game of Thrones Youtube)

In addition to discovering that Bryan Hogman has the best job in the world (I mean, he gets to just talk about Game of Thrones all day), the video also gives some quick insights into what we can expect in the third season. We briefly see as Edmure Tully and Ciaran Hinds as Mace Rayder, but perhaps most excitedly we catch a short glimpse of Jamie and Brienne locked in combat on a bridge. Readers of the books will all know how that turns out...

Game Of Thrones will return on March 31st. Make sure to [[follow]] the series to get the latest Game of Thrones news sent your way.

Asking whether or not you're excited to see Game of Thrones return might be a pretty redundant question, right? So instead I'll ask which new character are you most looking forward to meeting? Let us know below!


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