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Last year, incidents of "killer clown" sightings were reported across the United States. These weren't actually crazed killers, just people dressing up to scare unsuspecting passerby.

But it didn't take long for the eerie practice to spread to other countries. The situation eventually got so out of hand that people started getting arrested; the president of the World Clown Association had to publicly condemn it, and even McDonald's Ronald McDonald was forced to lay low for a while.

Now we are getting a movie about the creepy craze from producer Tommy Vlahopoulos and director Tony H. Cadwell, titled Behind the Sightings. It's not a documentary, however; it's a full-fledged horror film. Check out the first trailer below:

With the film's remarkable similarities to (both star creepy clowns and will be released a month apart) you may be wondering whether this is just a blatant attempt to benefit from the Stephen King adaptation. It's a possibility, but Behind the Sightings has something very interesting to offer to the modern horror genre.

Could This Be Our New 'Blair Witch Project' In The Making?

Found-footage movies are nothing new, but just as with the original The Blair Witch Project, this is being marketed as actual found-footage. As in, a "real" couple filmed this and didn't make it out, but the footage captured was found and distributed. Case in point, the film's producer, Tommy Vlahopoulos stated:

"Clowns have traditionally been associated with slapstick style performance, comedy or mime. But there has always been a dark side to a clown. This is not fake news. 'Behind the Sightings' is centered around the terrifying clown sightings that shook the world last year, and an eager couple (Todd and Jessica) swept up in all the phenomenon. This is a very newsworthy subject, especially with all the continuous clown sightings."

Furthermore, the director, Tony H. Cadwell, went as far as to thank the family of Todd and Jessica Smith for sharing the footage so the world could know the truth:

"The family entrusted us with this footage. We just wanted to honor Todd and Jessica Smith's work and expose what happened. I feel honored to be a part of this project."

In our modern internet culture, it will probably be next to impossible to convince people that this movie actually happened, but it's nice to see creative minds behind it putting in the effort. It adds a creepier vibe to the project. Hopefully, with its new approach the movie proves to be a much-needed break from the overdone found-footage genre and adds something to the landscape.

Behind The Sightings is expected to hit theaters in October, 2017.

Are you scared of clowns or do they make you happy? Let me know in the comments!


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