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Will Wharton

There's not much else to say; we're into the final leg of the final season of Fringe. To say this constantly changing show elicited a constantly changing opinion from the fans and myself would be a massive understatement. What hasn't fluctuated throughout the series however, is our complete dedication to the characters. Walter Bishop, the scientist who's youthful hubris threatens to infect his semi-normal life. His son Peter, a rogue turned genuine hero. Olivia Dunham, cold, calculating, but hiding a fragility that threatens to unbalance her life and family on many occasions.

Over 4 years, I've fallen in love with the characters and their ability to grow and change almost weekly thanks to the endless monster-of-the-week episodes, leaving more than a sizeable impact on each of them. It's the impact that fascinates the fans, I feel, not the monsters, and this looks like it will be honored in the final hours of the show.

Much like Lost, I have a feeling that Fringe will pay service its characters before it explains every conceivable riddle that it set up over the course of its 5 year run. This of course, will divide fans of the show as much as the fans of Lost were left split when it came to concrete answers. But you know what? I'm totally happy with this direction if it occurs.

Take a look at the final ever promo for the final ever episode of Fringe, and tell me that this doesn't look like the ending the show deserves. A fan pleaser? Maybe not. A character resolver? Most definitely.

Get ready to say goodbye to Fringe in the two hour series finale, which airs FRI 8/7c JAN 18 on Fox.


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