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Brian Salisbury

What might have been; just four words that carry a multitude of implications.

With films, it's usually a case of who almost starred in this role or who almost directed that movie. However, in the case of these revealed effects tests for last summer's Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, what might have been was more a question of who.

Evidently there was at one point a character called Lydian Drakon, but one who ended up on the cutting room floor. Academy Award-winning effects house StudioADI explains Drakon's disappearance from the final film...

"The concept started as a scary 6'5" frilled lizard man and became a 4'6" comedic sidekick. The character continued to shrink until it wasn't in the movie at all. That doesn't negate the precise sculpture ADI's Aki Ikeda, the paint scheme of Mike Larrabee and the application by Bill Terazakis' talented Canadian makeup crew featuring Maiko Gomyo, who herself is no bigger than your thumb."

Take a look at the concept art/effects test for Drakon. If you ask me, this character could have greatly improved Sea of Monsters...but couldn't have saved it.

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