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Good news for anyone who was happy to see boot perpetual brat Joffrey--I'm sorry, I mean Justin, 's ass to the curb will be happy to know that things seem to be officially, once and for all, really for real this time over between the two.

What's finally come between Jelena and the romance that will never die (Only after, of course, Robsten and Nina and Ian)? A baby-faced singer-songwriter with a great pair of pipes: British musician Ed Sheeran has apparently caught the adorable songstress' eye and the two have been quietly seeing each other for a few weeks.

Sheeran has been busy touring with Selena's bestie, , who, good friend that she is, reportedly brought the two together over Memorial Day weekend. Considering this is how she felt about Selena and Justin together, it's no surprise she wanted to set her best friend up with someone she felt was more mature and unselfish:

I could watch that all day. I really could.

Claims one of those infamous "sources", Selena is happy with the change of pace, saying

They are hooking up! She got sick of having to take care of Justin like he was her child. This is a nice escape from the drama.

If this is true, I think it would kind of be adorable, no?


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