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How much would you be ready to pay to own an object that appeared in your favorite movie? If you ask #Twilight fans, there's really no limit to how many dollars they'd shell out to possess even a fraction of the romantic vampires' universe — though unfortunately we have yet to see a real-life Edward go on sale.

Last weekend, the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California hosted a Twilight auction where pretty much every outfit of the movie series went on sale, and more than a thousand fans joined to get their hands on some memorabilia. The highlight of the auction, however, was Bella Swan's engagement ring.

Love Has No Price

'Twilight' / Lionsgate
'Twilight' / Lionsgate

If you remember Edward and Bella's wedding scene as one of the most tear-jerking moments of the Twilight movies, you're not the only one: #KristenStewart's character's ring was sold for $16,800 to one lucky fan.

According to memorabilia company Prop Store's website, the ring is made of "69 cz diamonds in an oval pave setting," so it's clearly not just a plastic prop. There's probably a Twilight-themed wedding in the works somewhere, and what better ring to use than the actual one from the movies?

The more puzzling — and clearly less romantic — sale is the prosthetic baby bump that K-Stew wore during the film, with a starting price of $400. I wonder how that looks in a display cabinet.


Would you pay to own a prop from your favorite movie?

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