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How much would you be ready to pay to own an object that appeared in your favorite movie? If you ask fans, there's really no limit to how many dollars they'd shell out to possess even a fraction of the romantic vampires' universe — though unfortunately we have yet to see a real-life Edward go on sale.

Last weekend, the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California hosted a Twilight auction where pretty much every outfit of the movie series went on sale, and more than a thousand fans joined to get their hands on some memorabilia. The highlight of the auction, however, was Bella Swan's engagement ring.

Love Has No Price

'Twilight' / Lionsgate
'Twilight' / Lionsgate

If you remember Edward and Bella's wedding scene as one of the most tear-jerking moments of the Twilight movies, you're not the only one: 's character's ring was sold for $16,800 to one lucky fan.

According to memorabilia company Prop Store's website, the ring is made of "69 cz diamonds in an oval pave setting," so it's clearly not just a plastic prop. There's probably a Twilight-themed wedding in the works somewhere, and what better ring to use than the actual one from the movies?

The more puzzling — and clearly less romantic — sale is the prosthetic baby bump that K-Stew wore during the film, with a starting price of $400. I wonder how that looks in a display cabinet.


Would you pay to own a prop from your favorite movie?

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