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Bella Thorne rose to fame on the hit Disney Channel show Shake It Up in 2010, and since then, the actress has starred in several films and even her own TV show, Famous in Love. Aside from her acting career, Thorne has become an unstoppable force on social media, and has amassed an army of millions of Instagram and Twitter followers.

With the fame she's amassed over the past few years, the 19-year-old actresses’ life has been put under a microscope. Just about anything Thorne does can become a news headline, and in August 2016, the internet exploded when she came out as bisexual. Miss Thorne’s sexuality is her own business, but her decision to come out was something she felt she needed to do, and she did so for a very important reason.

Bella Thorne Opens Up About Coming Out

Bella Thorne will grace the cover of the latest issue of Complex, and in an interview with the magazine, opened up about her choice to come out as bisexual:

“I was like, okay, this is gonna get blown up into this and that, but you do need more people out there being open and honest. My fans, they need that. It really wasn’t meant to be a big deal, it was kind of just meant to be like, ‘Yo, by the way, a little side note: I’m bisexual, if you didn’t already know. If it wasn’t obvious.’”

Thorne’s reason to come out is admirable, and shows a level of maturity well beyond her years. Many of Thorne’s fans draw inspiration from her, and by her being open and honest about who she is, she empowers others to accept who they truly are too.

Bella Thorne Talks About Her Hope For The Future

During her interview with Complex, Bella Thorne did not hold back one bit – and besides cursing like a sailor, the actress answered every question as candidly as possible. It’s honestly refreshing to hear someone speak what is on their mind in an uncensored stream of consciousness, and it made every one of her answers feel honest and unrehearsed.

In true uncensored fashion, Thorne was asked about what she hopes the future holds for her personal life and career, and her answer is something we can all relate to:

“I just hope that I’m f**king happy. I’ve spent so much of my life – in different areas of my life I was so unhappy. I wasted my whole childhood growing up. Mostly, I just hope I keep changing people’s lives and I hope I don’t get to a jaded point. I hope when I’m 30 I’m not bent up about the media. That’d be such an unhappy life to live: You’re gonna be 30 and worry about what people are saying online.”

Even though Bella Thorne is still young, she seems to have a fair amount of self-awareness, and knows what she wants from life. Despite Bella Thorne being uber famous and having 15.8 million Instagram followers, she just wants to be happy like the rest of us, and she knows that true happiness comes from within.

Hopefully the future is bright for the young actress, and she can continue to inspire her fans with her honesty and message of self-acceptance. You can catch Bella Thorne in her upcoming horror film Keep Watching, which premieres later this year.

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