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Every girl has a type that gets their loins burning and her heart fluttering, especially Bella Thorne whose type just happens to be werewolves and we have all the evidence proving this obsession is real.

Who can blame her though? I would love to feel those strong, hairy arms around me because you'd be wonderfully warm in the winter. Furthermore, their strength would mean any jar you need opening would be done in an instant. Werewolves could well be the ideal boyfriend. Let's take a look at all the times Bella was madly in love with all things wolfy.

1. Taylor Lautner Was Bella's Wolfie Awakening

Though Bella and Taylor never officially dated (she was a mere tween at the time), they spent a huge amount of time together filming My Own Worst Enemy. It was around the same time that Taylor was cast as the Twilight werewolf, Jacob. We're surprised Bella was able to maintain her excitement on set because not only did she get to hangout with a cool older boy, but he'd just been cast as the hunky wolf in what would be one of the biggest teen franchises ever. Teen crushing to the max! I think Taylor lit a flame in her heart that only burns for the moon-howling kind.

2. Bella's Werewolf Obsession Grows With The Help Of Gregg Sulkin

In 2010, on the set of Wizard Of Waverley Place, Bella found herself mingling with another gorgeous werewolf, Mason Greyback, played by Gregg Sulkin. However, it wasn't until 2015 that their love was allowed to grow and run wild. The sexy twosome became inseparable and their relationship gave us all . Bella's Instagram was flooded with posts of the loved up couple smooching and generally being adorable.

I wonder what it's like to kiss a werewolf? I'd hope it would be raw and full of passion rather than tasting of his latest prey.

I'd be careful Bella, side-eye is the first stage of the werewolf transformation and you don't want to piss a werewolf off! However, Thorne doesn't seem to mind the possible threat of attack from her savage boy. In fact, she seems to have taken on some of the cursed characteristics herself proven by her post below that shows her to be truly animalistic and savage. The thirst is very real for this one:

The two seemed like the perfect celeb couple until they spilt in 2016, thus creating a separation that broke all our hearts and left Bella without a werewolf once more.

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3. Bella's Latest Love Is None Other Than Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey

They say three's a charm and Bella's third werewolf comes in the form of Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf himself! The two have been spotted canoodling and we all know how much Thorne loves those wolf kisses. The new couple seem to be enjoying the early stages of their relationship, when it's all smooches, laughter and moon-lit walks.

You can't blame Bella for chasing after Tyler though because he is one smoking hot wolf of a man.

I do hope this one works out for Bella as we're slowly running out of werewolves that are age appropriate for her. I suppose she could always give an older man a go and try Professor Lupin out?

4. Thorne's Moon Tattoo Has Her Wolf Men Howling


Has Bella figured out a way to keep the werewolves coming back for more? The actress has had a moon and stars tattooed onto her ankle. Thorne's body art leads me to think she really likes all the boys howling at her feet. If you were unsure as to whether Bella has a werewolf obsession surely this proves it?

Oh, and she also share

Bella Thorne's love for werewolves just makes us want one of our own, plus you can't blame a girl for fancying these sexy, untamed men. Who doesn't love a bad boy?

Do you share Bella's love of werewolves?


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