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Being a celebrity may look like quite the attractive venture. Whether it's because of the fame or money that comes with the status, millions of people around the world are eager to join the entertainment industry and thrive in it. Sadly, it's not always a glamorous life for the people actually living it. Often, actors have a hard time when just starting in the business and even more so while trying to stay relevant throughout their careers.

That was the case for . The young actress has been acting for pretty much all her life, but she became a household name by starring in the very popular Disney show, Shake It Up alongside Spider-Man: Homecoming's Zendaya, from 2010 to 2013.

'Shake It Up' [Credit: Disney–ABC TV]
'Shake It Up' [Credit: Disney–ABC TV]

Despite being a popular actress, Bella Thorne recently revealed it wasn't all fun and games for her during and after her TV years. During an appearance in MTV's Happy Sad Confused podcast, the actress/singer opened up about her struggles before starring in Shake It Up and the amount of problems she had to overcome afterwards.

Her Reluctance To Join 'Shake It Up'

'Shake It Up' [Credit: Disney–ABC TV]
'Shake It Up' [Credit: Disney–ABC TV]

One of the most shocking pieces of information from the interview was the fact that Thorne didn't want to become a Disney actress, but was forced to because of her family's financial situation:

"Do you think that I wanted to be a Disney girl? Did you think I wanted to do that? We were about to live physically on the street if I didn't have that role. We were living off Stouffer's coupons, and that's all we had to eat every day. That may not sound like a big deal to everybody, but when you're a single mom raising four kids with debt and you have nothing to your name, it's f--ing shi--y."

In fact, the actress shared something that occurred during her audition for Shake It Up that stemmed from her reluctance to join the project:

"I didn't want to audition for 'Shake It Up!' I literally said in my audition, 'I don't sing. I don't dance. I'm basically tone deaf, and I'm not funny. So I don't know why I'm here.' And everybody just started laughing. They all thought it was a joke."

That feeling is completely understandable. A big risk for child actors on children's shows is the difficulty to get future work after they are done. In less than a decade, we've seen this happen quite a few times. Sadly, Thorne was not the exception.

Her Life After Disney

Bella Thorne in 'Amityville: The Awakening' [Credit: Dimension Films]
Bella Thorne in 'Amityville: The Awakening' [Credit: Dimension Films]

After the show ended, it was incredibly difficult for Thorne to get a job in the industry simply because producers did not take her seriously due to her kid-friendly background:

"It was really hard to get a job after the show. People didn't want to read me. They didn't want to see me because they were like, 'She's a Disney actress.' So for me, it was like starting back at the bottom and working my way up all the way again."

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Bella has a very strong social media presence, with over six million followers on Twitter and 15.3 million on Instagram. Fortunately for her, those impressive numbers — as she revealed during the podcast — have helped her get back and have become her main source of income:

"I started out 18 with literally not a cent to my name. $200 in my bank account when I turned 18. Nothing else. I bought a house this year from social media work, only from social media work. My social media to me is how I pay my bills."

It's horrible to know she had to go through all of that, especially after being in the spotlight for a considerable amount of time. Fortunately, it's great to know she's now doing so well. After all those struggles and hardships, she managed to get herself back up and enjoy a promising career. First through her social media presence and even her big-screen ventures.

Since Shake It Up ended, the actress has had roles in films like Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, Ratchet & Clank and a starring part in Amityville Horror: The Awakening. Given her track record, I have no doubt she'll continue thriving in the entertainment industry.

What do you think of Bella's struggle to find work after her Disney tenure?

(Sources: MTV)


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