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Ben Affleck has gone public with his struggle with alcoholism, announcing on his Facebook that he had recently received treatment for his addiction. While some fans commented on the status commending the actor for being "a real life Batman," the news has raised some concerns over Affleck's involvement with The Batman.

Affleck has spoken about his alcoholism in the past, confirming a stint in rehab in 2001. Affleck's father is also an alcoholic, and went on to work as a counsellor in a rehab facility after his own treatment.

But what does this mean for Affleck's future as ?

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He's Still Working On The Script

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

While he's no longer signed on to direct , Affleck is still set to reprise the film's gravelly-voiced hero. Entertainment Weekly have reported that a source confirms Affleck is still involved in re-writing the script alongside Geoff Johns.

This news comes after rumors that Affleck may be completely abandoning the film, both in regards to production and acting. However, it looks like even substance addiction isn't going to stop him from donning that Batsuit.

A Familiar Foe For Batman

Affleck isn't the first Batman to have dealt with problems relating to alcohol. Here are some of the experiences from former Batman stars:

1. Adam West

Batman [Credit: ABC]
Batman [Credit: ABC]

In an interview with The Independent, Adam West's daughter stated that alcohol addiction ran in their family. While West himself wasn't an alcoholic, his mother struggled with alcoholism throughout his childhood.

2. George Clooney

Batman & Robin [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Batman & Robin [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Batman & Robin star George Clooney has a reputation for rocking up to awards ceremonies with a flask in his pocket. While he is a fan of the drink, he's admitted to sometimes letting things get a little out of control. He spoke to Digital Spy about keeping his drinking habit in check:

"I drink at times too much. I do enjoy drinking, and there have been times in my life when it's crossed the line from being fun to having to drink late at night for absolutely no reason. So what I do is, I stop."

3. Will Arnett

The Lego Batman Movie [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
The Lego Batman Movie [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

Long before Will Arnett was the voice of Lego Batman, he was facing his alcohol addiction following a period of unemployment. Arnett told The Hollywood Reporter that an intervention from a close friend gave him the courage to get himself to an AA meeting and begin the road the recovery.

Do you think Ben Affleck is going to continue to work on The Batman?

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