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Earlier this month, Ben Affleck revealed in an interview with PEOPLE what his plan was for NBC’s Red Nose Day Special: "I’m doing my Batman voice. No cowl — just the stripped-down, unplugged version.” But what if you could hear do his best impression of Christian Bale's iconic voice? It would sound a lot like this:

During the Red Nose Day charity event that aired on NBC, Ben Affleck appeared in a comedy sketch to help raise money. The sketch involved Keith L. Williams (Jasper from Last Man on Earth) wanting Affleck to do the famous Batman voice. Affleck responds with, "Your wish is my command." However, the kid is not satisfied because he wants Affleck to say it they way would do it.

Affleck, looking a little uncomfortable, channels Bale's gravelly tone and does his best impression. It's not good enough for the kid: "I think, maybe, I just want Christian Bale to do it." Affleck gave it his best shot.

What Else Did NBC Do On Red Nose Day?

Ben Affleck was not the only Hollywood actor to participate on Red Nose Day. Richard Curtis (writer and director of Love Actually) got the cast from Love Actually to come together to do a short sequel called Red Nose Day Actually. The sequel aired as part of the charity's telethon.

NBC also did a Celebrity American Ninja Warrior where previous contestants were paired with famous actors and sports stars like Mena Suvari and Erika Christensen to help raise money. But it was from Arrow who stole the show. After watching him show off his abs while climbing up the salmon ladder on Arrow, he finally proved to his fans that he is a true American Ninja Warrior.

Julia Roberts was teamed with Bear Grylls on a trip to Kenya to help deliver vaccines on Running Wild with Bear Grylls for Red Nose Day. He didn't make it easy for her. Roberts had to cross over a rope bridge that spanned over a river of crocodiles and she had to endure eating some goat brain. In the end, they completed their quest and reached the village where they administered vaccines to children.

What Is Red Nose Day?

Richard Curtis is not only the writer and director of , he is also a co-founder of the non-profit Comic Relief. The organization launched Red Nose Day in the United Kingdom back in 1988 and uses comedy to help raise money and awareness for children who suffer from poverty all over the world. The United States started raising money in 2015. Since 1988, the organization has raised over $1 billion to help end poverty.

It was great to see all the actors and comedians get together to raise money for a wonderful cause. Batman is not known for his sense of humor. It was still fun to see Affleck do his best outside the Batman v Superman and Justice League films to help raise money to end poverty around the world.

(Source: PEOPLE)


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