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Gotham City is once again lighting up its Bat Signal in hopes that the Caped Crusader will come to save the day. Sure, the may not have had an easy ride in the Batmobile, while the upcoming solo film has had a tougher time than most. From 's departure as director to Matt Reeves coming on board, then leaving, then returning, you need your own sophisticated Batcomputer to keep track of what is going on.

However, amidst rumors that Affleck already wanted out of the DCEU after and that would still go ahead even without him playing the titular Bruce Wayne, Reeves is back to shut down the hearsay.

We've 'Ben' Here Before

While we have been too caught up in the hype of The Batman's villains and being teased by Josh Gad, it is easy to forget about the main man himself; after all, with no Batman, you can't have a Batman film. Speaking to Batman-News, director Matt Reeves confirmed that Bennie boy is still the only man who will be flexing his muscles in the Batsuit come 2019:

“Yeah. Right now, that’s what is going on. For sure.”

While the "right now" element confirms that it could all change, this is the first concrete news that Batfleck will be backfleck. It was also on the red carpet for War for the Planet of the Apes that Reeves went on to tease The Batman is just about ready to unfurl its wings:

“We’re just beginning the whole thing. Literally, I just finished this movie about 8 days [ago], so we’re only now beginning.”

Although we have seen Affleck working out to fuel rumors he was back as the bat, the whole superhero community can now sigh with relief. When The Batman was officially announced, there was confirmation of Reeves, but strangely no mention of Affleck. Well, now you have heard it from the horse's mouth.

Bat At It Again

The entire DCEU is certainly rumbling forward to compete with its MCU rivals over at Disney. Still beaming from the success of , Justice League is currently dealing with some reshoots under Joss Whedon's tenure, and filming is already underway in Australia for James Wan's . Elsewhere, Han Solo's recently departed Phil Lord and Chris Miller could be circling The Flash. Given that the DC studio had a run of bad luck with certain entries of its expanded universe — naming no names — it seems that the powerhouse has had the kick up the backside it needed.

Thankfully, Affleck's performance as Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman managed to impress (most) of his critics, and fans easily got on board with his grizzled, older, portrayal of a battered Dark Knight. The film may have been a mixed affair, but you can't deny there is a shadow of excitement looming over the next Batman standalone film. Hopefully, Affleck's expanded role in Justice League will help fuel the hype machine further.

While we have no idea what crippling injuries, riddling psychopaths, or Boy Wonders Reeves has planned for The Batman, here's hoping it can live up to series highs like Batman Returns and The Dark Knight. Hopefully missing out on all the floppy origin stories, Reeves and Affleck could deliver the darkest portrayal of the superhero than we have seen to date. One thing's for sure, there ain't going to be any rubber nipples here!

Check Affleck out in the trailer for Justice League and don't forget our poll below!


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(Source: Batman-News)


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