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Details are beginning to trickle out regarding Ben Affleck's upcoming solo Batman movie. At this point we know that Deathstroke is the primary villain, Ben Affleck is directing and co-writing with Geoff Johns, and we're pretty sure it will come out on October 5, 2018 or November 1, 2019. However, with the film in pre-production, there's still a lot we don't know. So with the knowledge that things have potential to change, here's a list of some things I'd really prefer not to see in a DCEU Batman solo film.

1) The Joker

From Warner Bros. Pictures
From Warner Bros. Pictures

At this point we're on our fourth live-action incarnation of the Joker, and yet the big screen has never before seen Deathstroke, Clayface, Red Hood, Hush, Man-Bat, or Azrael. Despite the fact that Batman has the best and most extensive rogues' gallery in the business, we keep on having the same villains show up. The Arkham games are most guilty of this, with each new game seeming to have a new and exciting villain, but always ending up relying on the Joker. My point is that now we have Deathstroke as the villain, keep him as the villain. If we need someone pulling the strings, then get a person we haven't seen before rather than dragging the Joker back into this. Off the top of my head, we could have Black Mask, Hush, or even Amanda Waller. I don't think I'm alone when I say I want something new, and that requires the Clown Prince of Crime not being a significant part of the film (I'll allow a small cameo).

2) The Wayne Murder

We saw this in Batman v Superman, and we very much do not need to see it again. Thomas and Martha Wayne must feel like they're in Edge of Tomorrow at this point, being forced to constantly live, die, and repeat. Everyone knows what happened to Batman's parents by now, and no-one needs to bring it up, much less show it to us again. Unless we're going to do Flashpoint, because with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne, we should really do Flashpoint.

3) A Love Interest

From Warner Bros. Pictures
From Warner Bros. Pictures

Has Batman ever needed a love interest? I'm not sure, but even if you think he does, I would still argue that pretty much everything interesting that can be done with that concept has already been done. From The Dark Knight to Mask of the Phantasm, I feel like this idea has been exhausted, and we should just focus on a streamlined, original Batman story without the dead weight of Bruce Wayne being torn between his love of a girl and Gotham. Time spent trying to build a romantic relationship is time which could be spent making the action and villains all the more engaging.

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4) Christopher Nolan

From Warner Bros. Pictures
From Warner Bros. Pictures

Nolan has said before that he's not coming back to Batman; in fact he even stepped back from helping with Batman v Superman purely so that he wouldn't interfere with the new cinematic version of the caped crusader. Beyond that though, I feel like it's important for Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns to separate their Gotham City from the one we got so recently in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Nolan had a very real-looking city that felt like it could almost be any place in America. Perhaps this new version could be more colorful, or simply have more of a larger-than-life feel to it - all the better to connect with the larger-than-life world that this Batman inhabits.

5) The Dark Knight Returns

From DC Comics
From DC Comics

Since we're still in the early days of this universe, I think we can all agree that it's wise to avoid using Frank Miller as a strong inspiration for this particular Batman. The Dark Knight Returns is iconic, that's undeniable, but it just doesn't fit with this world that DC are trying to build. At least not yet. This seems quite plausible, with Ben Affleck wanting to create a more original story, and Geoff Johns hoping to inject a little optimism into this universe. Maybe we could get something like the Bruce Wayne from Batman: The Animated Series, with more humanity and less growling sociopathy. Please?

Wrapping Up...

There you have it, 5 things that I personally don't want to see rearing their heads in Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie. Is there anything you'd like the film to avoid? Or is there something you really want to see? Either way, let us know in the comments, and be sure to enjoy your life.


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