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Batman v Superman may have sparked a divided response from critics and fans, but most agreed that Ben Affleck's turn as the Caped Crusader was one of the highlights of the film. None of us were surprised when Affleck's solo movie was announced — reportedly titled The Batman, this film will explore this version of Bruce Wayne.

We don't yet know if this will be a retrospective, telling the tale of how Bruce became Batamn, or if it leads on from Dawn of Justice, taking the jaded and brutal Batman back to his roots as DC's greatest detective. The one thing we do know about the film is that one of the villains is Deathstroke, a vicious assassin and old enemy of the Bat.

The rest is up to speculation, and that's is exactly what we're all going to be doing for the next few years until the movie is released — likely to be 2018, but could be as late as 2019. And while fans compile wishlists for The Batman, there are some compelling rumors driving us to raise our expectations ridiculously high, because it looks like Warner Bros. might be about to introduce one of DC Comics' most popular heroes.

Will We Finally See Nightwing?

Otherwise known as Dick Grayson, the original Boy Wonder, is has proved to be a fan fave over DC's many ages, and with good reason — Nightwing is more cheerful and tongue-in-cheek than Batman, but no less as badass. Dick's character development has always been fun to watch, as he went from the sidekick role of Robin to leader of the Teen Titans, even taking up the Batman title for a time.

Nightwing shooting his mouth off, as usual. [Credit: DC]
Nightwing shooting his mouth off, as usual. [Credit: DC]

We haven't had the chance to see any big-screen version of Dick Grayson go beyond the role of Robin — until now. Possibly.

As with any upcoming movie, rumors on The Batman casting are flying about like so many Graysons. According to several publications, Warner Bros. are courting The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun to take up the role of Nightwing. After some digging it seems that this rumor originated on Reddit, and while that isn't exactly the most trustworthy of websites, it's entirely possible that someone heard some studio chatter about the role.

After Yeun charmed us all as Glenn on The Walking Dead, there's little doubt that he would be a fantastic choice to play the older Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing.

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But he's not the only one eyeing a Robin role. Ryan Potter — whose biggest claim to fame is Big Hero 6 — recently released an audition tape of sorts. The Robin he's after is Tim Drake a.k.a. Red Robin, who became Batman's protoge after Jason Todd bit the dust courtesy of the Joker in Death in the Family.

Potter certainly takes on the role of Tim Drake with gusto in this video, addressing Ben Affleck at the end — and honestly, we heartily agree with the comic quote he uses.

The Robins — and the rest of the Batfamily for that matter — are a crucial part of the Batman story. Although recent cinematic depictions of the Dark Knight have focused on his lonesome role as a grizzled crimefighter, one of the most endearing aspects of Batman's character is how he takes youngsters-at-risk under his wing.

Sure, training those kids to fight crime in life-threatening situations is ethically iffy at best, but who doesn't love the Robins? Bruce inspires a loyalty and heroism in his wards, just as they in turn keep him grounded and prevent him from spiralling into brutal vigilantism.

Batman, Nightwing, and Robin team up. [Credit: DC]
Batman, Nightwing, and Robin team up. [Credit: DC]

In fact, Batman v Superman can be seen as a cautionary tale of what happens when Batman doesn't have a Robin to mentor. In the film, we see Bruce gazing guiltily on an old Robin suit, which Zack Snyder later revealed belonged to Jason Todd, as many fans guessed from the allusions to Death in the Family.

But what happened to Batman's first Robin, Dick Grayson? Is he still out there somewhere, fighting crime as Nightwing?

BvS Set Up The Perfect Introduction For The Batfamily

One of the reasons we've never seen Batman's extended crime fighting family — comprised of Batgirl/Oracle, Batwoman, Huntress, and the Robins — on the big screen before is because the most recent Batman films have been a retelling of his origin story.

The Batfamily isn't part of that, as they come into Bruce's life after many years of him fighting crime. They're his allies and his friends, adding a sense of depth to Batman's story as well as establishing themselves as beloved characters in their own right.

Four generations of Robins, and Batgirl, confront Batman. [Credit: DC]
Four generations of Robins, and Batgirl, confront Batman. [Credit: DC]

Batman v Superman is atypical in that it introduced us to a Batman who was decades into his role as a superhero — and rather jaded about the whole routine. This of course fed into his sense of rivalry and mistrust of Superman, as years of facing Gotham's worst of the worst, and losing many "good men" along the way, caused Bruce to become cynical.

DCEU president Geoff Johns recently revealed that Justice League would take Batman on a journey back into the light, but there's still a lot to explore in The Batman. Because we're so many years into Bruce's story, The Batman could dive straight into established alliances with Batman's allies, as old friends and foes return from his past.

This would be a really interesting direction to take a tried-and-tested character like Batman, as he is reunited with Nightwing and takes on a new ward in the form of Tim Drake — or maybe his own son, Damian Wayne, will appear, prompting Bruce to train him as Robin.

Dick and Damian have a good, if slightly antagonistic, relationship. [DC]
Dick and Damian have a good, if slightly antagonistic, relationship. [DC]

Without delving into wishlists, suffice it to say that expanding Batman's story by developing his relationship with much-loved characters from his comics would be a delight for fans and new viewers alike — not to mention tying into other parts of the DCEU, if Margot Robbie uses her solo Harley Quinn film to clash with the Birds of Prey. If we were introduced to Batgirl in The Batman, then this will establish the interconnected DC narrative that Warner Bros. are clearly dreaming of.

Here's hoping those Nightwing rumors are legit, then, because they may lead to something truly awesome.

Tell us in the comments: Would you like to see Nightwing and the Batfamily in the DCEU?

Batman and Nightwing in 'Batman vs Robin. [Credit: DC]
Batman and Nightwing in 'Batman vs Robin. [Credit: DC]

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