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It's a tough life playing a . Not only are you going to have to explain to your son one day that unfortunately, you don't own a secret mansion with a Batmobile in the garage somewhere, but you have to live with the constant hype that comes before, during and after the release of any -related movie.

Poor , who's actually a very decent actor and director, with titles such as Gone Baby Gone and Argo under his director's belt, is seemingly getting a little tired of constantly having to promote the solo movie he pitched after shooting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and probably dreaming of a Cavill-free version.

'Batman's Coming Along' — So Could We Please Shut Up About It?

On the press tour for the recently released Live By Night, he finally had enough of having to carry the Caped Crusader's mask even when he's promoting an entirely different movie.

Visibly upset, he insists that there's a time for everything, while also reassuring fans who doubted the Batman movie would even happen:

"Oh my god, it's such a pain in the ass. It's like every time I mention Batman, it gets this huge, you know, clickbait, and when I was doing this movie it took me two years to get it together, but nobody ever asked me 'Where's 'Live By Night'?' you know? All they asked me is 'Batman Batman Batman.' Batman's coming along, it's gonna be great, we're going to make something really special, we're gonna take the time to make it right, we're gonna do it good, we're gonna do it the right way, and the fans are gonna love it."

Since technically, this is one more article about his least favorite topic at the moment, our apologies to Affleck. And for the hungry Batman fans, here's some reading for you until the Batfleck is ready to give us more news:

If you're more interested in Affleck's work behind the camera, Live By Night came out January 13. Check out the trailer below:

Do you think Ben Affleck makes a good Batman? Are you looking forward to his solo movie?


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