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(Warning: If you don't want to know the final score of Sunday's NFL match-up between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills, then why on earth are you online right now? The internet is dark and full of spoilers.)

Now, if you're a sports fan, then you undoubtedly know the horrifying, joy-destroying feeling of having to work through a big game. The anxiety, the "FOMO," the constant, illicit checking of the nearest sports app to catch up on the score. It's not fun. And if you're a football fan, the problem is ramped up to 11 by the fact that — barring a playoff run — you only have 16 games in which to pin all of your hopes and dreams onto a gang of millionaires throwing a ball back and forth in the vague direction of glory.

And, so, save a small drizzle of sympathy for acclaimed director, surprisingly effective Batman, and huge New England Patriots fan, Ben Affleck. The reason?

Ben Affleck Was Just Caught On Camera Finding Out That The Patriots Lost (Embarrassingly)

Y'see, Affleck spent this past Sunday promoting his new movie The Accountant, and as such wasn't aware of the score in the game between his beloved Patriots and the Buffalo Bills. Which, since the Bills managed to shut out the Pats 16-0, soon brought some pretty great entertainment into the world. After being pressed by Affleck, Sports Illustrated's Tiffany Oshinsky revealed the score, along with the revelation that the Rex Ryan-coached Bills had kept the Patriots offense scoreless going into the fourth quarter. Affleck's response was...un-subtle:

Affleck: You’re kidding me.

Reporter: I’m sorry.

Affleck: In the third quarter?

Reporter: Fourth.

Affleck: In the fourth?

Reporter: Yeah.

Affleck: Rex Ryan? [Pause] F*ck.

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/Warner Bros.]
[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/Warner Bros.]

Now, would it have been nice if Affleck had actually made eye contact with Oshinsky during that whole conversation? Sure. Is it still incredibly amusing to watch an Oscar-winning Hollywood star react to a sports loss in the exact same way that we all would? Absolutely. Is it doubly entertaining because pretty much everyone who isn't from New England hates the Patriots, and tends to react with schadenfreude-laced glee to the team's every loss? Why yes, yes it is.

Perhaps it's best to hope this trend doesn't catch on, though. After all, the baseball playoffs start this week, and it'd be fairly traumatic for everyone if Barack Obama were to respond to an emphatic Cubs playoff victory by ordering a major tactical assault on Wrigley field. White Sox fan or no, that'd be something of an overreaction.

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In the meantime, though, what do you think? Was Affleck's response proportionate, or way over the top? Let us know below!


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