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Seth D'Antuono

Looks as if will be putting on the cowl and cape once and for all. That’s right, he’s Batman. Affleck was confirmed to be taking on the icon in ’s sequel to Man of Steel aptly titled at the moment Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This could be either horrible or utterly fantastic, which I’m sure everyone is saying. Though let me explain my thinking as well as some of my concerns with such big news.

My expectations for this summers Man of Steel were high although my praise for the film itself… rather low. It’s been some time since I’ve seen the film but I know I felt as though it was trying too hard in the wrong places and also suffering from the usual Zack Snyder sins to cinema. Bloated with numbing action sequences, devoid of character for plot convince, and worst of all a script that felt all over the place. I didn’t feel for the characters, I didn’t feel for the relationships, yet for some reason I didn’t absolutely hate the film. There was some charm to it. Now maybe that was Snyder’s visual style, a gem he truly has a grasp on, or maybe it was the cinematic thrill of seeing a new Superman movie. Regardless of that reasoning, I walked out of the theater disappointed yet still interested in this world they were beginning to unveil.

Weather you thought the film was complete garbage or brew of comic/cinema genius, the news of Batman making an appearance wet your movie going pallet. And now that it’s Ben Affleck it’s making other things wet too. In regards to this casting choice, I must say I’m thrilled. But are you? I can see the backlash coming for any actor who takes on the Dark Knight after ’s legendary and now classic performance. Maybe they should call it Batman vs. Batman on account of how many people will be comparing the two. However, I think it’s safe to say we can put Nolan’s Batman away as an untainted piece of cinematic artistry, which combined clever storytelling with great writing, casting, directing and execution. The true unabashed classic movie trilogy of our time. As for Snyder’s take, it’s a different Batman it’s a new take. ’s performance in Batman Forever doesn’t tarnish what Bale did in Nolan’s universe, why should Affleck within Snyder’s?

Snyder may not be the strongest when it comes to directing actors or but making good casting choices is half the battle. I think this is the smartest thing you could do for the franchise and I’m genuinely excited. It’s got me not only interested but super stoked for a sequel to a film I really didn’t like. That in itself is a testament to the power this news holds.

So, what do you think this means for the D.C. universe? Do you think the casting of Ben Affleck will make or break the franchise? Are you excited to see it too? For me, it’s a loaded question, we’ll just have to wait and see what Snyder has in store for Batman vs. Superman. Just don’t make it stupid Mr. Snyder, just get , writer of Dawn of The Dead to help Mr. Goyer along with the script. Then maybe all will be well with the D.C. world, after all it is now in your hands.


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