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With Gone Baby Gone, The Town and now the Oscar-nominated, Academy Award-nominaed, Golden Globe-winner Argo under his belt, has set a high standard for his career behind the camera. That means choosing his next project is critical. Several scripts have crossed Affleck's desk since Argo was released, and now it seems he's put them in some sort of order.

The actor was set to star alongside Kristen Stewart in Focus, but recently pulled out of that movie in order to commit all his time to working on Live By Night as his next directorial project. The movie, based on a follow-up to The Given Day by , offers noir with added value. It follows a young man during the Prohibition era who falls deep into the world of organized crime. Affleck is writing, producing, will direct and star.

Here's Affleck's reasoning for losing Focus:

(via MTV)

So he had to choose between the two movies and reluctantly chose his own. Huh.

I'm certainly not disappointed by Affleck's decision. Previous movies based on Lehane novels include 's Mystic River and 's Shutter Island. Plus, this Lehane book is great. It's something of a sequel to The Given Day, which at one time was going to be directed by Sam Raimi. I have no idea what became of that project, but anytime someone wants to commit Lehane to celluloid, I'm on board. In fact, anytime you have the opportunity to not be in a movie with Kristen Stewart - the actress with a special affinity for directors and back seats - you have to take it.

I love how much of a class act Affleck has turned into, best of luck to him. Argo was awesome, and I already can't wait for his next directing endeavors. Do you like the sound of his new project? Click the follow button at the end of this sentence to stay updated on the movie's progress. [[follow]]



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