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Tino Jochimsen

took home the Director’s Guild Award for Argo home, underlining the movie's front runner status to win that much coveted Academy Award for Best Picture – 'frontrunner status' for ‘Oscar experts' one should add.

For the general public, Lincoln's twelve Oscar nominations probably still mean that 's political drama is going to win over Argo’s solid seven nominations come Oscar night.

If the precursor awards wield their normal prophetic power, the general public should be wrong, of course. And right now, EVERY expert save for one over at Golden Derby predicts Argo to win.

As we mentioned before, it comes down to the question -- is Argo a Driving Miss Daisy case – which managed to win Best Picture in 1989 despite not having a Best Director nomination – or an Apollo 13 case, which didn't win Best Picture with no Best dircetor nomination, but pretty much all precursor nominations under its belt Argo-style.

Personally, I lean towards the latter case, as Lincoln just seems like a proper Oscar movie and Argo, good as it is, doesn’t.

Do you think Argo has what it takes Oscar night?


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