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Now, while Batman has always been fairly preoccupied with The Joker and his homicidal antics, the extent to which that dominates the Dark Knight's thoughts has varied from incarnation to incarnation. Where earlier decades of Batman comic books (and many of his first on-screen adventures) positioned the villain as a kooky nemesis who the Caped Crusader could almost enjoy battling, recent years have seen the villain transition into a far more menacing figure. Indeed, with the '70s and '80s introducing a far more threateningly homicidal take on The Joker — a trend that seemed to peak with the villain apparently killing the Jason Todd-era , but then proceeded to keep right on going — has become more and more obsessed with the ghoulish clown by the year.

With relatively little mention of The Joker in this year's , though, it wasn't entirely clear just how much that obsession had crossed over into the newborn . Sure, it seemed as though the villain had killed one of that universe's Robins, too, but without a whole lot of explanation, it was tough to tell whether 's Batman was enigmatically brooding about his loss, or about The Joker himself. As it turns out, though...

Ben Affleck's Batman Is Way More Obsessed With The Joker Than We Thought

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

That, at least, is the most obvious takeaway from the image below, posted to Vero by Batman v Superman director last week. It, after all, features a shot of what looks to be the "Knightmare" version of Batman, from the film's dystopian desert-set dream sequence...with a Joker-referencing image on his gun:

[Zack Snyder/Vero]
[Zack Snyder/Vero]

Which would, it seems, suggest that Affleck's Batman is so obsessed with , that he even inserts imagery related to him into his own dreams — in a manner that implies that the Dark Knight's ever more violent actions are directly the result of The Joker's influence. Heck, even if it turns out that the character pictured above isn't Batman, that would simply suggest that Bruce Wayne is so preoccupied with the villain that he builds him into his nightmares as a primal form of villainy: A short hand for evil, to justify whatever form of brutality is called for.

In other words? It seems that the DCEU's Batman might just be even more obsessed with The Joker than any of the other on-screen Batmen to date — something that puts a very different spin on his actions in both Batman v Superman and . All of which, in turn, means that honestly can't get here soon enough. After all, that's the sort of obsession that can make for some pretty darned incredible drama.

What do you think, though? Just how obsessed with The Joker would you like Batman to be in the DCEU? Let us know below!

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