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Brace yourself, Lip Sync Battle fans, because a knight is going to be coming to the stage. The debut of the show's third season, set to bow Wednesday, Oct. 12, will feature Oscar winner and knighted actor Sir Ben Kingsley taking on Star Trek reboot actor John Cho.

Kingsley's inspiration? Fellow Brit and knight Sir Elton John. Yes, Sir Ben Kingsley, best known for his roles in dramatic features like Gandhi and Schindler's List, will be donning the glam rock costumes and huge glasses that Sir Elton John was best known for in the 1970s.

While some might wonder why on Earth Kingsley would even consider taking on the Lip Sync Battle stage — this is a man known for his gravitas and his dramatic ability, not his lip sync ability — remember, he is not just known for his sublime power as one of this and last century's most noted actors. He voiced the role of Bagheera the panther in the live action update of The Jungle Book this year, and was also the role of the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Both roles weren't exactly known for their seriousness, but it's clear that Kingsley does relish having a good time when taking on any role.

He also didn't pull any punches when trying to emulate Sir Elton John.

Let's be mindful that at 72, with several accolades under his belt, Kingsley could cheerfully have declined the offer to appear on Lip Sync Battle. He is still a very busy actor, with voice and live action roles to his credit, but why not have fun beyond a movie set, too?

This is something that few who don't know the venerated actor would have expected. He's only just started to make appearances in the Twittersphere this year, and while there are some who are wondering if Ben Kingsley showing up on Lip Sync Battle is a sign of ill-advised things to come, there are those who are excited to see how awesomely amazing the man will be.

To see a man held in such esteem as Sir Ben Kingsley have what appears to be a really great time onstage and showing up in a completely crazy costume once again shows the public at large that no matter how serious life can be, you need to just kick it and have fun at times.

Lip Sync Battle returns October 12 at 9/8c to Spike. Will you be watching?


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