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Just five months back, proclaimed that he wanted the Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkess actor to climb his Crimson Peak, as it were...

But the latest word from THR brings news that has exited the modern take on a ghost story. No explanation has been given for Cumberbatch's withdrawal from the movie, and it doesn't appear to be because of any other project.

Cumberbatch was set to star alongside , and . Previously, was up for a big part too, but dropped out due to other commitments. Cumberbatch is, of course, an ultra-talented and charismatic fellow, and I would've loved to have seen him play stuffy and evil in this haunted house-type flick. But Crimson Peak still has an impressive cast, and the search is now on for Cumberbatch's replacement ahead of shooting in February.

Why do you think Cumberbatch pulled out of del Toro's latest? He does have The Fifth Estate coming up at TIFF, and he's in 's 12 Years A Slave in October, then there's the imminent shoot of The Imitation Game, and the third season of Sherlock... Or maybe he didn't like Pacific Rim?! Let me know what you think in the comment section below!



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