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The inevitable Doctor Strange sequel hasn't even been officially confirmed yet, but Benedict Cumberbatch knows exactly which director he'd pick to helm the next big-screen adventure of Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme: Scott Derrickson.

In a recent interview with Cinema Blend, Cumberbatch that the director of the first film was a great choice and explained exactly why, saying:

I think also Scott’s got, he’s very good on process, and he’s very good on visuals and he had to cram a lot in...this was a much harder shoot in many ways than I imagine some of the other origin stories had been...he was having to edit and approve special effects shots at the same time as setting up these huge sequences live and getting the camera and angles and performances and visuals right on the day...He had to do it all with great skill and the results are on the screen. So yeah I think this film speaks to why Scott would be a great choice to direct it again.

Scott Derrickson directs Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of 'Doctor Strange.' [Credit:Marvel]
Scott Derrickson directs Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of 'Doctor Strange.' [Credit:Marvel]

An Excellent Choice

Cumberbatch's high praise of Derrickson's work on the first Doctor Strange film isn't merely lip service, the director injected new life into the entire with a movie that expanded the superhero genre in new ways.

The origin story of Doctor Strange was both familiar and fresh and it was delivered in a film that incorporated incredible special effects that where a technical marvel of their own; squashing fears that arose after the first trailer hit that the movie would be heavy on CGI and light on story.

Legions of fans left theaters in 2016 with the opinion that Doctor Strange boasted some of the best effects seen in a superhero film to date (The scene where the Ancient One opens Strange's mind is visually brilliant.) and the Academy Awards agreed, recognizing the technical achievements of the movie with a Visual Effects Oscars nomination.

However, the greatest effect the film achieved is the fact that Derrickson's film left people thinking after the credits rolled, and that's the sign of a talented director.

In addition to making a film that moved the needle forward for VFX and told an engaging story, Derrickson's Doctor Strange also managed to establish the Sorcerer Supreme as a new heavy hitter in the MCU and expand the franchise.

With characters like Iron Man and Thor set to possibly be leaving soon, there has to be a few more big names to take over this franchise and Derrickson delivered. If the upcoming Spider-Man and Black Panther movies bring their A-game as well, we could be looking at a new trio that will lead the into a new era.

Strange Future Ahead

If Derrickson does sign on for Doctor Strange 2 chances are strong we're in for a stranger MCU in the future, and that's an awesome thing. What he did with the first film not only put Doctor Strange at the top of many fans' list of favorite movies, but critics as well.

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Listen to Cumberbatch, Marvel. The perfect director for this sequel has already cast his spell, and we're still under it.

So what do you think? Did you like Doctor Strange? Would you like Scott Derrickson to be at the helm of the sequel? Let me know your thoughts down below.

[Source: Cinema Blend]


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