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The latest entry in the MCU, , is hitting the silver screen this week and the first raving reviews have already come flying in. The movie, which even before its release had already been described as "a mash-up between Inception and The Matrix," is in many ways a departure from previous Marvel films and is a step in a new and unexplored direction by Marvel so far.

As usual with big budget releases, the stars of the film have flown from all over the world to promote Doctor Strange. Relatively straightforward, you'll say. However, sometimes interesting opinions can be expressed at promotional interviews and Benedict Cumberbatch proved he's not an exception to this unwritten rule.

During an interview with ComicBook in Los Angeles, Cumberbatch was asked about which characters he can't wait to team up with on the big screen. Here is his response:

“I’m going to say Spider-Man, Batman…wait he’s not in it, Hulk, I’ll say all of them.”

Sure, after flying to places like Hong Kong and Shanghai just days prior to this interview, we can forgive the British actor's slight goof. Nevertheless, everyone (secretly, or not so) loves The Caped Crusader, and even Dr. Strange himself revealed in this interview that his first taste of a film based on comic books was Tim Burton's Batman (1989). Despite the fact that this was clearly a lighthearted joke/honest mistake, after such opinion has been expressed, we can't do anything but wonder: What if Dr. Strange and Batman actually teamed up? Imagine what that would look like — a team-up between two completely different superheroes?

To begin, it would be marvelous to see how Steven Strange and Bruce Wayne's skill sets gel together. A masterful sorcerer and doctor allying with the world's greatest detective — a human being who's reached the peak of his physical and mental power? Sounds more than imposing! At least on paper, it seems that their skills will weirdly enough compliment each other, as each has unique abilities that the other superhero doesn't necessarily possess.

Furthermore, Dr. Strange and Batman can mutually benefit from the experience of fighting two incredibly different types of foes. Bats's rogue gallery is full of incredibly clever, cruel and physically gifted foes, while Dr. Strange's villains take the possession of power to a whole new level that includes mystic energy manipulation, dark magic and immortality.

However, on a different note, with Dr. Strange being an origin story, it's difficult to gauge the exact direction in which the character is going to go and how this is going to correspond with Batfleck's dark and gritty portrayal. One thing is certain — the aforementioned mash-up is more than likely to offer a plethora of breathtaking fight sequences and masterful visual effects.

Getting back to reality, as everyone would tell you, such crossover is unlikely to ever happen, not only because of the infamous Marvel vs. DC rivalry (although the 1996 limited comic book series DC vs. Marvel Comics was a positive sign), but also because in Hollywood cinema profitability battles between studios (in this case between Warner Bros. and Disney) are more than fierce. Nevertheless, a fan can only dream that one day a Dr. Strange and Batman team-up will get the green light.

What character do you want to see Benedict Cumberbatch teaming up with as Dr. Strange?

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