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Shane Black's The Predator seemed to be all guns blazing when Sicario star Benicio del Toro was reportedly in talks to lead the film. Unfortunately, del Toro has dropped out of the project and will no longer be on the hunt for ancient aliens.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that del Toro has fallen out of negotiations with Fox to star in Shane Black's The Predator. No official statement has been given for the exit. Boyd Holbrook is now in talks to replace del Toro in the leading role.

While Holbrook doesn't have the filmography or acclaim of Benicio del Toro, he's a talented actor with a great relationship with Fox. The actor has appeared in Gone Girl, Morgan and will play the villain Donald Pierce in the upcoming X-Men film, Logan.

Casting has certainly been an issue for the latest film in the Predator franchise. Rumors started floating that Arnold Schwarzenegger was coming back to the series, yet no official statements have been made. Fox fought hard for Benicio del Toro, even moving their shooting schedule to accommodate the busy actor (who currently has a Sicario sequel in his schedule). THR's sources say that scheduling was the main issue for del Toro's departure.

The Predator is a sequel to the 1987 action classic. The new film will be directed by Shane Black (The Nice Guys, Iron Man 3) with a release date of February 9, 2018.

Check out the trailer for the original Predator below:

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