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*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episodes 1-3 of Berlin Station, as well as conspiracy theories on Episode 4.*

As the saying goes, there's a thin line between success and failure. Add in external pressure and high stakes decision making against a ticking clock and that could result in the violent loss of innocent life, meaning those lines become even thinner, splitting into barely a hair's width.

The world of Berlin Station is such an environment, with pressure building internally and externally, from both the CIA itself and the whistleblowing revolutionary Thomas Shaw. The intense exclusive Movie Pilot preview clip below for this Sunday's episode "By Way of Deception" shows agent Daniel Miller () making a risky decision:

The Pressure Is Building In Berlin Station

The exhilarating pace of the first three instalments has already shown a rapid and unrelenting unraveling of the status quo surrounding protagonist Miller. A fresh Shaw leak revealed Deputy Director Jemma Moore's (April Grace) support of torture, leading to her resignation and leaving Miller's only point of contact with the upper echelons of the agency non-existent. All the while, Langley operatives meticulously searched for dirt on the station's crew in an attempt to dispel further leaks before they arrive.

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Daniel Miller may need extra support [Credit: Epix]
Daniel Miller may need extra support [Credit: Epix]

All of these events are happening while the organization also tracks potential terrorist Aleksandre Iosava (Merab Ninidze). The previous episode revealed that the CIA's trusted informant actively withheld information and seemingly agreed to become involved in a questionable and potentially sinister operation.

Aside from tracking terrorists, the pressure on Miller is increasing. With Moore a becoming a distant memory, veteran and possible replacement Stephen Frost has uncovered the fact Miller has an ulterior motive, offering a helping hand in the mission. Although Miller has declined, it looks like he may need some support.

In addition, Hector DeJean () is upping the ante, bugging Daniel's phone in the previous episode, and overhearing his conversation with Frost. Interestingly hasn't toyed with its audience by revealing early on that DeJean has links with Thomas Shaw. Instead of trying to work out who is the culprit, the question now is, what will DeJean do with the information?

Episode 4 Could Reveal How Far DeJean Is Willing To Go

What is DeJean's motive? [Credit: Epix]
What is DeJean's motive? [Credit: Epix]

The nerve shattering preview clip only adds to the mystery. On one hand, it looks as though DeJean has deliberately sabotaged the initial plan, possibly safe in the knowledge that Miller would want to physically enter dangerous territory to plant the required malware. Is DeJean's plan to force Miller into making an error, so he can then leak the information, thus throwing him off the scent?

The question is, just how far will DeJean go? The end of Episode 2 saw what appeared to be — from the audiences perspective at least — a thinly veiled threat aimed at Daniel, while they stood precariously on a Berlin rooftop. Considering the pair appear to be friends, could DeJean really be a threat to Miller's life?

Then there's DeJean's motivation. He is clearly agitated at the system following the lack of action to protect informant Faisel (Kerem Can) from facing an inevitable death sentence, as well as claiming the CIA sent him to "hell." Is his overall aim to see the collapse of the agency as a whole?

Will Miller uncover the mystery of Thomas Shaw? [Credit: Epix]
Will Miller uncover the mystery of Thomas Shaw? [Credit: Epix]

The Thomas Shaw identity is also intriguing. While DeJean appears to have taken responsibility, we already know others have been involved (such as the mysterious killer who DeJean is in contact with) but the signs suggest this could be something much bigger, even in some ways appearing to be a hyper-charged version of real life hacktivists, Anonymous.

Finally, is Daniel Miller the good guy we assume he is from the opening episode? Only time — or Thomas Shaw — will tell.

Episode 4 of Berlin Station will air on Sunday November 6 on Epix.


Will Daniel Miller complete his mission?


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