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After the start of Westworld Episode 1, when we were initially lead to believe that Teddy was a human guest, many viewers have been on the lookout for any further indications that a character might not be what they seem.

While it's obviously Dolores is a host and Mr Ford is a human, other characters have started arousing suspicion and none quite as much as Bernard Lowe and Theresa Cullen. So, are they (wo)man or a machine? Take a look at the evidence and see if it persuades you:

Bernard is a host

Mr Ford with Bernard in Episode 1 [John P. Johnson/HBO]
Mr Ford with Bernard in Episode 1 [John P. Johnson/HBO]

Bernard is the head of the Behavior Department and a programming specialist at Westworld, and it's implied by the park creator, Mr. Ford that he's been a part of Delos Incorporated (the company that owns Westworld) for a significant amount of time. Bernard has attract suspicion as a potential host (albeit one who is unaware he's a host, and the most advanced host at that) for a number of reasons, many of which were picked up by Redditor notQuiteBritish, take a look and decide for yourself:

  • Bernard is always very level-headed

Sure, people can simply be this way inclined and after so long at Westworld you'd certainly have to be a calm type. But considering how we've seen both Theresa Cullen and Lee Sizemore exhibit anger, while Bernard shows very little emotion, it could be an indication he's a host.

  • Covering for Dolores

Bernard seems to be conducting his own secret series of tests on Dolores, and is seems to be aware of her changes, however he's also been insisting to others that she's totally fine. Has Bernard realized he's a host, and is now using his position of power as a way of mobilizing other hosts?

  • Ford tells Bernard that he knows how his head works
Bernard and Ford talk [HBO]
Bernard and Ford talk [HBO]

Sure, this could be the result of Ford and Bernard having worked together for years, but when Ford told Bernard "I know how that head of yours works," it could've been because Ford literally created his. Ford also tells Bernard in Episode 1 that he ought not be afraid of using the word mistake because he's "the product of a million of them." We're supposed to believe that Ford is talking about evolutions mistakes, but on the flip side, it also surely takes a lot of mistakes before you create a host as highly functioning as Bernard, right?

  • Theresa wonders if Bernard is practicing

During the scene in Episode 2 where it was revealed that Bernard and Theresa are sleeping together, Bernard mentions that the hosts need practice talking to seem more human. Cullen then quips back "is that what you're doing now? Practicing?" To which Bernard does not reply, and instead simply stares at the ceiling.


Do you think Bernard could be a host?

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Theresa is a host

Theresa Cullen out smoking in Ep 1[John P. Johnson/HBO]
Theresa Cullen out smoking in Ep 1[John P. Johnson/HBO]

Theresa Cullen is the head of quality assurance at Westworld, and strives to make sure the park and its hosts run as smoothly as possible. When hosts start exhibiting strange behavior, she's the first to decide to pull the hosts, even if it's at the expense of storylines. However, Theresa's ways have also pegged her as a potential host, check out why:

  • Bernard's interest in her reactions
Bernard commenting on Theresa's brow [HBO]
Bernard commenting on Theresa's brow [HBO]

Soon after Bernard and Elsie talk about the new reveries in the hosts, Bernard notices that when Theresa is angry the muscles in her brow pull into an arc. He wants to record the action to show his team, but his request is swiftly denied. Is Bernard interested in Theresa's reaction because it's a reverie learned from past experience? If Theresa was a host, this might also explain her rather robotic looking gestures, watch and rewatch the gif above - does that double blink skeeve anyone else out?

  • Bernard's comments about her habits

During Episode 2, Bernard catches Theresa smoking inside and comments that she must have been speaking "to corporate" because the only time she ever smokes is after dealing with them. Has smoking after stressful conversations been built in Theresa as a way to show a more human reaction to stress, or is it actually a real habit?

  • Obeying people's commands
Theresa obeying Bernard's request for her to stay [HBO]
Theresa obeying Bernard's request for her to stay [HBO]

Toward the end of Episode 1 after Abernathy's malfunction, Theresa states to Ford and Bernard that all malfunctioning hosts should be "put down," as per policy. However, when Ford asks her "would it not be best for us to discover why first, Ms Cullen?" She stands there silently, and when he follows it up with a "please," implying she should leave so the two can test the host, she does so without another word. Redditor shelfdog even theorizes that this may be so Theresa isn't triggered by the voice prompts intended for Abernathy.

Redditor OyeSimpson also points out some instances of Theresa obeying in Episode 2. Firstly when she comes to Bernard's accommodation and begins to say "about last night," Bernard tells her "forget it," at which point she totally drops the conversation and enters the room at his request. Then after Theresa and Bernard and sleep together, Theresa is preparing to leave when Bernard asks her to stay a little longer to talk. Although Theresa replies "we never talk," when Bernard states he's serious, she immediately returns to bed with him. This would also make the line about Bernard's creations never shutting up, even more interesting, given that she's the one chatting away while Bernard is silent.

Is this just a case of a an employee knowing better than to argue, or giving into her desire - or is this a host obeying her creators commands?


Do you think Theresa could be a host?

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